This Week In Hledger 2024-03-01

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Simon Michael

Mar 2, 2024, 8:48:16 PMMar 2

This Week In Hledger 2024-03-01

A lot of work this week: bugfixing, updating for GHC 9.8, and improving docs. We weren't ready to release 1.33 on March 1st, but it's near.

  • web: show zero amounts with their commodity symbol [#2140]
  • fix expr:'s OR-ing of open-ended dates [#2177]
  • made stats output more private by default, added memory stats
  • in unbalanced transaction error messages, show small imbalances more precisely
  • fixed all ghc 9.8 partial head/tail warnings
  • resolved remaining ghc 9.8-related issues in our dependencies
  • updated all stack configs, switched to nightly/ghc 9.8 for dev builds
  • added support for other unicode space characters in numbers
  • added --round option to close, like print's
  • fixed potential display of ambiguous balance assertion/assignment amounts [#2176]
  • refactored the budget report and fixed wrong omitting of parent accounts [#2071]
  • made budget report's CSV/TSV output show zero instead of empty cells
  • worked on a bugs dashboard
  • doc: fix description of commodity directive's scope [#2135]
  • doc: explain hledger's transaction balancing
  • doc: discuss debits, credits, and sign
  • doc: hledger manual cleanups, fixes, flow improvement
  • doc: FAQ: update why was hledger created
  • doc: hledger and ledger: update performance notes
  • link, a reddit alternative

Robert Nielsen
On the hledger fan website, I take a look at needs, strategies, and spending. Also taxes and revisiting lowercasing.


wikipedia page, CSV rules, "Personal accounting in Ledger" book, unicode spaces in numbers, rvgp, loan bookkeeping, Open Collective, hledger manual size, file naming, emacs, visual studio code, aggregate shares bookkeeping..

Mail list

  • Forex Accounts Receivable, timing difference between invoice and payment
  • Unexpected behavior using 'expr:'


  • Examples on hledger's web page manual are cut off
  • rvgp: an open-source PTA tool, that brings a proper build chain, to your accounting. Automates your Reconciliation, Validation and financial Graphing, in ruby.
  • [Beancount] CLI tool to import Wise multi-currency transactions
  • How to install Ledger CLI for Windows?
  • [beancount] Stock Purchase Plan Qualifying Disposition
  • Design patterns or idioms?
  • hledger register query only on Tuesdays

hledger manual size, switching from gnucash, more on the reddit IPO

Hacker News


Quite happy with my switch from GnuCash to hledger: already automated importing the (broken) CSV my bank provides, and getting an overview of average monthly expenses is a one-liner. --rigrig

The other nice part of hledger is the web UI (hledger-web), which is handy for checking out your transactions. --peterhajas

Share your hledger/PTA user notes, dev news, achievements or experiences in the hledger matrix chat, every Friday morning or any time, tagged with TWIH:.

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