This Week In Hledger 2023-11-10

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Simon Michael

Nov 10, 2023, 8:46:01 PM11/10/23
to hledger

This Week In Hledger 2023-11-10

It's time for This Week In Hledger!
Every Friday morning (or any time, tagged with "TWIH"), share your hledger/PTA user notes,
dev news, achievements or experiences in the hledger matrix chat.



This week I completed the months-long yak shave that became Precisiongeddon, and it has landed in master;
see for details.
Heads up: this can change default precisions shown especially by cost and value reports -
all for the better hopefully, but any pre-release testing is welcome.
There's a linux binary at

CI (continuous integration) workflows on github have been optimised a bit:

  • Scheduled weekly builds have been disabled, as they were propagating
    to forks and running wastefully there in some cases.
  • Some repeated rebuilding of the hledger-lib and hledger packages
    that seems unnecessary has been stopped.
  • hledger-ui no longer builds its modules twice.
  • Haddock testing has been moved to the release workflows to save time.


My time log for the week shows 69% enhancement, 27% cleanup, 5% support.


As part of Precisiongeddon, I started expanding hledger's "code docs", in the Hledger module's haddock.
I spent time learning how to navigate Haddock and producing a fast-feedback authoring workflow (make haddock-watch).
And documented a bunch of "jargon" terms, and how we handle precision and display styles.

The "Regular expressions" manual section has been rewritten and now has examples:

Unmentioned last week: I added a News page on as a stable home
for This Week In Hledger and other news updates.


Some notable commits:

  • feat: cli: Add tsv output (#869) (Peter Sagerson)
  • feat: import: interpolate regex matches in field templates (#2009) (Jonathan Dowland)

There's new interest and design discussion for referencing the matched account name
in auto postings, and I have added to lukasbestle's 20100:

Robert Nielsen

For more advanced hledger aficionados, here is a diagram showing just
about every possible part of an hledger transaction:

Quotes of the week

Overall very happy with hledger so far btw!

And thanks for the amazing tool. Migrating to hledger has been one of the most satisfying bits of digital homesteading I’ve done.

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