multiple postings in one transaction?

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Chris Ryan

Feb 8, 2024, 6:02:56 PMFeb 8
I hope I'm using the terms "transaction" and "posting" properly here.

I'm planning a trip to a conference, as an exhibitor, for my little business. I just charged the following to my credit card:

annual membership dues in the organization sponsoring the conference
the fee for an exhibitor booth
two nights lodging

Can I put them all in a single transaction in my journal file? All costs would go under expenses:marketing. And then could I balance it out by putting the sum total in liabilities:amexcard? But how would I indicate the purpose for each of the three costs--one for membership, one for booth fee, one for hotel?

Or do I have to make 3 separate entries, each with two lines, one for expenses:marketing and one for liabilities:amexcard? That seems inefficient, since these expenses are all related.

And later, their will be driving costs.


Chris Ryan
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