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Simon Michael

Feb 21, 2022, 3:36:14 PM2/21/22
Good day friends!

Some time ago I enabled the Github wiki attached to . More recently we had some discussion in the #plaintextaccounting matrix/IRC chat about how to best use it, with a rough consensus to start by collecting and organising concise example journal entries, useful for users of all PTA tools/Ledger-likes. 

Currently we have lots of examples spread over 3+ tool-specific sites. The tool-specific cookbooks are valuable, but there is some duplication of work, and it's often still hard to quickly find the example you need. With a general Plain Text Accounting wiki, there might be opportunities to consolidate some content and effort, co-ordinate content categories, or link back and forth.

So I was just cleaning up the PTA wiki a bit, and I'd like to invite you to check it out, give your ideas and join in if you like. More details are at the wiki. [/PAGE] - easier shortcut url

Best wishes

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