This Week In Hledger 2024-01-12

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Simon Michael

Jan 12, 2024, 5:07:02 PMJan 12
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This Week In Hledger 2024-01-12

This week I worked mostly on support and thinking/writing about improvements to close and the new file/periodic files workflow.
I introduced some new terminology to distinguish starting/ending files vs opening/closing accounts, which are unrelated events.
I added new --assert and --assign modes to close and clarified a problem with using balance assignments for starting balances.
I reviewed status and proposed some changes at Better UX around starting and ending files ? #2151 -
please take a look and give your thoughts if you're interested in this.

Over on I checked and fixed the remaining broken links;
and surveyed and linked all the hledger and PTA videos visible on youtube (they're fun, check them out).

TWIH: I published annextimelog v0.10.1 and it's now in a state I would cautiously call useable for something practical as one can now record, delete and also edit logged time periods.
It's a cli git-annex based time tracker focusing on conflict-free syncing between devices and flexible tagging.
It has timeclock output so can be piped into hledger, e.g.

atl ls -a project=hledger -O timeclock | hledger -f timeclock:- bal -D

Robert Nielsen:
Getting ledger-mode to work again!

Matrix chat topics:
CSV rules
, Downloading, workflows
, MCC codes
, PTA videos
, PTA site link checking
, nix
, just
, cost basis
, emacs & VS code
, annextimelog
, reporting
, SM's time and tasks dashboard

Mail list:

  • how far in advance should I put anticipated expenses in liabilities:accountspayable ?
  • Better UX around starting and ending files ?
  • a single, cumulative journal, or annual journal files ?


  • [hledger] Year Closing
  • How to handle currency exchange via different accounts?
  • Regexp in rules file


  • Shared expenses bookkeeping
  • just
  • flycheck-hledger
  • importing from your forecast

Open Source Collective, our fiscal host for project funds on Open Collective, may reduce transaction fees:
between 15th January and 15th April, you'll see a platform tip request on every new contribution on projects hosted by Open Source Collective.
If the trial is a success Open Source Collective will lower our fee on contributions through, making donations more cost-effective for our Collectives.


  • each time I get the TWIH ping I get reminded to use hledger again :smile: But it only shows me how bad I am at managing my money 🙈😬😅

  • hledger is so awesome. I just had to do my entire accounting for the last 1½yrs (because I'm a lazy slob) and thanks to hledger's rule files, it took just one evening.

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