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Simon Michael

Jul 1, 2017, 1:52:40 PM7/1/17
to hledger, haskell-cafe
I'm pleased to announce hledger 1.3, released yesterday.
Thank you release contributors: Mykola Orliuk, Christian G. Warden,
Dmitry Astapov, Justin Le, Joe Horsnell, Nicolas Wavrant, afarrow,
Carel Fellinger, flip111, David Reaver, Felix Yan, Nissar Chababy, and
Jan Zerebecki.

Notable user-visible changes in this release:
terminology/UI improvements for the status field,
selection/scrolling/movement improvements in hledger-ui,
negative amounts shown in red,

Full release notes are at
The next major release is scheduled for September 30.

hledger ( is a dependable, precise, cross-platform
program for tracking money, time, or any other commodity, using
double-entry accounting and a simple plain text file format. It is a
haskell reimplementation of Ledger, provides command-line, curses and
web interfaces, and aims to be a robust, practical tool for daily use.

To get started, install the stack tool, eg by downloading from Then install hledger (and
optionally the alternate UIs):

$ stack install hledger-lib-1.3 hledger-1.3 [hledger-ui-1.3] [hledger-web-1.3] [hledger-api-1.3]

(cabal experts can use that instead. See
for more install options.)

Ensure $HOME/.local/bin is in your $PATH, and try some commands:

$ hledger # list commands
$ hledger -h # quick help
$ hledger --man # man page for the hledger CLI tool
$ hledger info journal # info manual for the journal format


Our IRC channel is #hledger on Freenode, and you can find out more at

If you have benefitted from hledger, please give back and make it stronger!
Donate using one of the funding links on the home page, give feedback,
report bugs, send pull requests, write about it, or help in some other way.
Thanks for your support; I hope you enjoy hledger and that it helps you achieve your goals.


Robert Nielsen

Aug 16, 2017, 6:30:16 PM8/16/17
to hledger
For those who use Brew, I can report that Brew did the upgrade to 1.3 for me without a hitch.

Thank you Simon and everyone else who contributed to the new version!

Robert Nielsen

Simon Michael

Aug 16, 2017, 9:25:38 PM8/16/17
Thanks for the report, Robert.

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