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Simon Michael

Aug 7, 2021, 6:56:30 PM8/7/21
to hledger is released.
Thanks to Stephen Morgan for his fast repair work.

Also, some missing change notes have been added to 

Here are both release notes, latest version:

2021-08-07 hledger-1.22.2

hledger 1.22.2

Breaking changes

  • aregister no longer hides future transactions by default. This is a consequence of the fix for #1638. It makes aregister consistent, so we think it's a reasonable change. So if you have future-dated transactions in your journal which you don't want reported, you now must exclude them with -e tomorrow ordate:-tomorrow in the command, as with other reports. (Stephen Morgan)


  • Timedot format's doc has been rewritten.


  • Make balance assignments in forecasted transactions work again (broken in 1.22.1). Forecast transactions are now generated early and processed in the same way as other transactions. (#1638, Stephen Morgan)

  • aregister preserves the order of same-day transactions again (broken in 1.22.1). (#1642, Stephen Morgan)

hledger-ui 1.22.2

  • Use hledger 1.22.2.

hledger-web 1.22.2

  • Use hledger 1.22.2.

credits 1.22.2

Simon Michael, Stephen Morgan.

2021-08-02 hledger-1.22.1

hledger 1.22.1


  • Bash shell completions (for hledger, hledger-ui, hledger-web) are now included in the hledger package's release tarballs, making them more likely to be installed by system packages. (Jakob Schöttl)

  • roi docs now discuss how to quote multi-word queries. (#1609, Dmitry Astapov)

  • Allow megaparsec 9.1


  • cur: and amt: queries now match the original amounts before valuation and cost conversion, as they did before hledger 1.22. We believe this is the more useful behaviour in practice. (#1625, Stephen Morgan)

  • Queries now work better with register --related, no longer showing duplicate postings when more than one posting in a transaction is matched. (#1629, Stephen Morgan)

  • Valuation now works with register --related. (#1630, Stephen Morgan)

  • Auto posting rules now also see inferred amounts, not just explicit amounts. (#1412, Stephen Morgan)

  • The aregister command now properly ignores a depth:argument. It might now also behave more correctly with valuation or --txn-dates. (#1634, Stephen Morgan)

  • Our info manuals now have more robust directory metadata (no subdirectory path), making them more likely to be linked in your top-level Info directory by system packages. (#1594) (Simon Michael, Damien Cassou)

  • The error message for a non-existent input file no longer shows excess double quotes. (#1601, Stephen Morgan)

  • Journal format docs: The commodity directive's scope is now correctly described (lasts until end of current file).

hledger-ui 1.22.1


  • Document watch mode and its limitations. (#1617#911#836)

  • Allow megaparsec 9.1.


  • Up/down keys work on the transaction screen again (broken since 1.22). (#1607, Stephen Morgan)

  • Fix a possible off-by-one bug with valuation date when using Vkey on the transaction screen. (If it ever needs to use the journal's last day as valuation date, use that day, not the day after.)

hledger-web 1.22.1


  • deps: Allow megaparsec 9.1.


  • The register chart works again when there are multiple commodities and transaction prices (broken since 1.22). (#1597, Stephen Morgan)

credits 1.22.1

Simon Michael, Stephen Morgan, Jakob Schöttl, Dmitry Astapov.

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