This Week In Hledger 2023-11-17

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Simon Michael

Nov 17, 2023, 10:58:32 PM11/17/23
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This Week In Hledger 2023-11-17

Every Friday morning (or any time, tagged with "TWIH"):
share your hledger/plain text accounting user notes, dev news,
achievements or experiences in the hledger matrix chat.



A new hledger user in the chat pointed out that -s/--strict mode
didn't work with the import command. This exposed a bug (#2113) and
led to some reworking of the API in Hledger.Read. Until now, when
reading multiple files, -s/--strict checks were performed for each
individual file, causing spurious failures, with import and other
commands. Now strict checks are done only once, for the overall
journal. Also, the import command now only updates .latest files at
the end of a successful run (after successfully passing strict checks
and after updating the journal file).

Post-"Precisiongeddon" followup: updating hledger-ui and hledger-web
to show amounts with correct display precision.


Fixed a problem with cloudflare authentication that was preventing
automatic TLS certificate renewal on

Clarified and documented my cloudflare tokens, and moved them to env
vars so the latest caddy config could be committed.

Fixed the webhook that was not updating the site on git push.

Enabled https for "" and "" short urls.

Fixed some caddy warnings, formatted the config file, added some
caddy/webhook management scripts to the site makefile.


Spent some time drafting alternate hledger manual structures and
thinking about adding a user guide.


Time breakdown this week: 52% enhancement, 35% cleanup, 13% support.

Robert Nielsen

On the hledger fan website, I discuss using the aregister and print
commands to get narrow and wider views of your data:

Quotes of the week

Great software btw, I appreciate your work! Been poking around with
PTA and hledger since I was laid off, and it's been incredible for
managing/extending my runway 😁 I was a Mint/Personal Capital power
user before, but this takes it to the next level. Got a new job and
I've already forecasted out the whole next year, very handy and
something I could never do before"

I spent some time trying to set up hledger so that I’d actually use
it. With multiple accounts it really got tedious but I loved the
actual double entry accounting and level of detail. My wife was blown
away by the year end summary I made with it. You can see early how
much went to taxes, fica etc etc.

I'm really happy how my hledger edit addon helps me quickly reconcile
transactions. After CSV-importing from all different sources (phone
notes, bank websites, etc.), I pile up the ridiculous amount of
invoices and receipts next to me, grab one after the other and execute
hledger edit amt:35.11 or hledger edit Checking desc:ALDI for example
to find and edit the transaction in my $EDITOR, no matter where that
txn was located originally. The other way round (going through the
journal, then finding the physical invoice/receipt) turned out to be
much slower.

I learned one thing: if %FIELDBAME REGEX matches against FIELDNAME
in the CSV. I didn't know that! I always match against the whole line
and am annoyed if the order of columns makes this weird

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