This Week In Hledger 2024-03-08

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Simon Michael

Mar 8, 2024, 3:33:24 PMMar 8

This Week In Hledger 2024-03-08

I fixed some doc issues on code blocks can now be scrolled normally, and are cheerily color-coded instead of drab grey.
Journal's greenyellow really makes it pop and I think it will make us rich!

The 1.33 release is still pending. Another gnarly release blocker remains to fix,
and I was burned out on those. Instead, got deeply involved in setting up a new site for PTA discussions,

Robert Nielsen
On the hledger fan website, I look at a planning mistake that's easy to make in hledger or any planning. See it at

Jonathan Dowland fixed match group references in csv rules [#2158].

Haskell software for Canadian tax prep, aregister print order, reporting prices effective on a date, filtering by balance size, migration issues, closure, discourse for PTA discussions, combining CSV records, CSV conversion issues, CSV rule if tables, bookkeeping success stories, downloading prices for a date range..

Mail list


  • [hledger] Auto posting that excludes previously matched postings
  • Question: Hledger csv first account names in csv files?
  • Discourse for Plain Text Accounting discussions ?


  • online content platforms lock-in
  • PTA forum


  • I started setting up hledger this year and I’m with you for a small business it is absolutely great. --abhiyerra

  • In summary for me: hledger has better csv importing system and ledger has support for lots. I use both. --faustlast

Share your hledger/PTA user notes, dev news, achievements or experiences in the hledger matrix chat, every Friday morning or any time, tagged with TWIH:.

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