This Week In Hledger 2024-02-23

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Simon Michael

Feb 24, 2024, 1:32:03 AMFeb 24

This Week In Hledger 2024-02-23

Miscellaneous updates:

  • use a symbolic link's target's directory for relative include paths
  • interpret glob patterns in $LEDGER_FILE
  • implicitly declare the date/date2/type tags
  • add close --assertion-type option
  • tweak close --assert's default description
  • stack:9.8: can now build all packages
  • doc: add Text encoding section
  • doc: clarify description/payee/note
  • doc: improve the tags doc
  • doc: clarify combining csv matchers
  • Choosing accounts tips

Robert Nielsen
Inspired by a recent podcast, I look at the theme of getting the most good from limited resources. Oh, and I don't forget to mention hledger. 🙂

Jonathan Dowland added a dark theme to hledger-ui.

Mail list

  • Forex Accounts Receivable, timing difference between invoice and payment
  • Balancing "equity:conversion" split across postings.


  • How do you all handle grouping your transactions? (business)
  • hledger: csv rule to match amount higher or equal to 200
  • hledger periodic transaction every month except two
  • Mass edit journal entries based on a filter

Fund accounting, PTA sign convention, unspaced account names, reddit monetisation..

Tools for investment tracking, description/payee/note semantics, tag checking,
arithmetic amount expressions, Money Manager EX, CSV conversion situations,
categorising tools, utf-8 encoding, timedot budgets, tax preparation, if tables,
payee cleanup..


  • Thank you for writing hledger (and -ui and -web), it's wonderful work. --Michael Iles

  • Use physical order to create mental order.

Share your hledger/PTA user notes, dev news, achievements or experiences in the hledger matrix chat, every Friday morning or any time, tagged with TWIH:.
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