Declaring account type without declaring an account?

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Dmitry Astapov

Sep 13, 2022, 8:09:56 AM9/13/22

Lets say that I have a group of accounts under assets that I want to declare as 'cash'. 

For example, they are described by the regex "assets:BANKNAME:account[123]"

Their parent account, "assets:BANKNAME", is always empty. Child subaccounts come and go with some frequency (a couple of times a year).

I am also using "hledger accounts" as an auditing tool to spot new/unexpected/misspelled accounts - i dump the output to a file under version control which immediately alerts me about new accounts I might've introduced by mistake.

Now, the actual problem. If I want to declare subaccounts of assets:BANKNAME as cash, I could make this declaration and include in all my (yearly) hledger files:

account assets:BANKNAME   ; type C

Unfortunately, this causes "assets:BANKNAME" to now appear in the output of "hledger accounts" for all the journal files this is included in -- even those that don't mention these accounts at all.

Default account type assignment is done via regex. Is there a way to do the same: declare a regex for accounts that would get "CASH" type, without actually declaring the accounts themselves via "account" declaration?

D. Astapov
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