Bulk order going out Monday night, if you want to join in...

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Jun 6, 2009, 1:39:05 PM6/6/09
to Hive76
Hey Hive-ers;

We're doing a digikey bulk order on Monday night. If you want to
order some stuff as part of the order, feel free. Search Digikey for
the stuff you need, and send the Digikey ID, and the number of units
you want to Hiv...@gmail.com by Sunday night.

If the stuff you want to order is less than $20, we'll just tack it.
If its over $20, we're going to have to grab a down payment from you.

- Hive 76 (Far McKon)

Jack Zylkin

Jun 7, 2009, 12:02:42 PM6/7/09
to hiv...@gmail.com, Hive76
Hey hive,
I left the digikey order I was going to make at work. Suffice it to say it included:
Every resistor, capacitor, transistors, etc that exists
555 timers, voltage regulators, and opamps.
Cheap Multimeter, flux pen, tweezers, and desoldering pump.
Surplus Perf board
Saw III voice recorder.
Wire wrap wire and hookup wire.
Other good stuff.
Jack Zylkin
215 828 7717
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