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Stefan K

Oct 12, 2014, 2:03:34 PM10/12/14
Hey guys,

so i want to come up with the live-ticker project. We would need a live-ticker for our dtsg races. Last year we used the abgefahren live-ticker, which might be dead now. I know there are some projects outside, that already using some kind of ticker. I would like to have an Open Source solution, which is acessable for everyone (like doing your own costumized ticker on your website). I have no clue what criterias should be set for this. But in general i think the more simple the better it is.

I am coming up with this, cause i start travelling next week and we still have some EU funding in our DTSG project. I would like to see this project starting before i leave, or at least start some collaborate thinking process about it. We have 500€ to spend for it (for whatever is related to the live ticker project). The money will be gone, if we dont use it. So let´s make use of it and produce something for the community?

If we start this i see 3 major steps:
-First clearing the purpose of this (for what it should be used and why)
-Second setting the content type (text, video, pictures, is that all needed, yes, no, maybe)
-Third programming and implementation (how is this working, how can it made in a way that everyone can use it, which technical realization makes sense)

So far, what do you think folks?

With metta,


Mindaugas Budreika

Oct 12, 2014, 3:49:29 PM10/12/14

I wrote one long time ago that runs on old symbian phones, its open source and supports sms/mms messages. You can get it from here:

There only one major issue, it does crash from time to time, could be once a day could be once a week, if you can figure out that problem you can use it as you pleased (its enough to close the app and reopen it). 

Getting it to compile might be a challenge as Symbian platform is discontinued.


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Callum Macdonald

Oct 12, 2014, 4:32:07 PM10/12/14
I don't follow, what is a "live ticker", and what does it have to do with an "sms server"?

As I understand, a live ticker is the part at the bottom of the screen, which shows current information, like on TV, where there are stock quotes scrolling across the bottom of the page. That's called a live ticker, after ticker tape I believe.

If that's what you mean, meteor would be an excellent development foundation, it's very good at live updates. Maybe you mean something else entirely though...


Anick-Marie Bouchard

Oct 12, 2014, 4:33:29 PM10/12/14
I googled "live-ticker" and all I got were German websites :P

Mindaugas Budreika

Oct 12, 2014, 4:42:54 PM10/12/14
> I googled "live-ticker" and all I got were German websites :P

Because that's the German phrase/description. As far as I know they refer to 'live-ticker' as life feed of information: ex:

I'm sorry Callum Macdonald, and anyone else, if you felt that my email is completely irrelevant/spam, I assumed that's what Stefan was looking for. Will keep my nose away.


Ralf Platschkowski

Oct 12, 2014, 6:49:03 PM10/12/14
I googled "live-ticker" and all I got were German websites :P

​The German Wiktionary on "liveticker" states: "​
 [1] nahezu in Echtzeit erfolgende Berichterstattung über ein Ereignis
​", which translates to something like: "[1] almost real-time coverage of ​an event"

One idea is probably some sort of open source application that tracks the hitchhikers moves along a specific route every in intervals of n minutes or hours, and publishes these onto some map thus interested folks can see how their loved ones are moving along. Or maybe where the hitchhiker can leave a message easily (using whatever means), and this one gets projected somewhere, maybe along with some gps coords (map) or whatever there might be available. Alexey e.g. solved it by sending an SMS to a friend, who manually adds these information onto a Google Map every ~12 hours (

Philipp some years ago developed something similar (before the smartphone era), where folks could send an SMS to a specific number, and those SMS messages were then automatically published onto a website (or see the tramprennen link somebody posted earlier).

Mikael Korpela

Nov 17, 2014, 5:12:59 AM11/17/14
(I’m joining another private discussion into this public thread about the ticker.)

Hi Ralf,

DTSG has a nice pot of cash available for this, and tons of ideas. See the discussion on the hitchwiki group. Stefan is hitching his way down from Germany to my place (Uruguay) right now and expects to be here christmas-ish +/-2 months. Folks nearby in the Southern Cone are welcome to chill out. So while the hackathon is going on, we might be able to drop in for some video / coordination sessions. 

Did you find interested devs to work on it yet and are these ideas written down somewhere?


On Sun, Nov 16, 2014 at 10:05 PM, Mikael Korpela <> wrote:

There has been wishes/plans to make a ticker for Hitchhiking races. Something where you could see where all the teams are hitching, they could drop messages from the road etc. I’m not sure feature requirements for this app and what’s going on. I’ve heard from Stefan their DTSG club wants to put some money into this (!topic/hitchwiki/wwUGrCkcWbc) and has some plans like this as well. I don’t know much about current situation, could you guys (Malte/Stefan) elaborate a bit more so we’d all be on the same page?

Perhaps this ticker could be produced as a side kick of Hitchwiki as a feature inside maps mobile app and it would then be useful for all the HH competitions out there? Thoughts?


Nov 17, 2014, 10:33:44 AM11/17/14

Hey Guys,

Marco here from Tramprennen, or better, Club of Roam - Autostop!, our new foundation to organize Tramprennen and other hitchhiking related project. We re going to have a general meeting at the weekend in Kiel, where we re going to speak about the (Live-)-Ticker-Topic and about our possibilities how to support the hackathlon of you guys.

I will let you know about our ideas next week!

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