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Mikael Korpela

Jan 26, 2015, 8:07:53 AM1/26/15
to Hitchwiki

We want to ditch Wordpress/Buddypress installation (forums/groups etc) from Hitchwiki due it’s not very active and causes a big overhead in maintaining/bugfixing. Logins were never working great because of it and broke with each update, causing too much work.

I’ll keep it visible here at least for some weeks: http://hitchwiki.org/activity/ ...but I took links out from navigation already.

I’m not yet sure what to do with a few member blogs we’ve got — probably they’ll remain working since we need to run Hitchgathering.org with WP anyway, so they work well along it.

Meanwhile we’ll be developing something similar for https://www.trustroots.org this year and let’s hope it’ll become more popular.

Our hackathon in Turkey has been super-great so far, and we’ve got really nice site already. Hope to get beta/demo out in two weeks.

You can follow coding from https://github.com/hitchwiki/ or install it yourself from https://github.com/Hitchwiki/hitchwiki


Mikael Korpela

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