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Aug 13, 2007, 1:18:15 PM8/13/07
to Hipihi

Now i did all that an cannot login to hipihi anyway.... ???? what do i
do ??


Aug 14, 2007, 12:03:49 PM8/14/07
to Hipihi
There is more extensive help available on the forums at
Have you submitted a request to HiPiHi for an account? You may need to
explain why you cannot login (error message or something) more for
someone to help you.

Sue Baskerville ( SuezanneC Baskerville )

Aug 18, 2007, 7:15:22 PM8/18/07
to Hipihi
In order to stand a chance of helping you get hipihi to run, I'd need
the standard information one should always provide with a request for
technical help with computer and software problems, such as the make
and model of your computer, how fast the processor is, how much
memory, what operating system, what service packs, make of video card,
what video drivers, etc.

Assuming your hardware and software meets the system requirements, in
addition to this standard information, in this particular case of
getting a program written for Chinese localized Windows to run on
English or other regionally localized versions of Windows, I'd need to
see screenshots of your Region and Language settings from the Control
Panel and the Advanced Text Services checkbox from your Hipihi
shortcut, as well a verify that you have the correct version of Hipihi

If you are getting error messages, I'd need to see screenshots of all
the error messages so that I can get someone to translate them.

Just saying "I already did all that" isn't detailed enough to produce
a useful response to.

I'd also suggest that you try posting all the information described
above, including the system specs and all the screenshots in the
Hipihi forums and in the IdeaShape forum at http://www.ideashape.cn.

If you wrote to sup...@hipihi.com it might be useful to see the text
of the email you sent to them. If you got a response it would useful
to see that too.


Oct 3, 2007, 6:17:23 PM10/3/07
to Hipihi

excuse me,
I cant login in HIPIHI
I have message error,
how I can send you snapshot of the message?
Thank you

Sue Baskerville ( SuezanneC Baskerville )

Oct 3, 2007, 8:45:05 PM10/3/07
to Hipihi
If you know how to save a screenshot you should be able to upload the
screenshot in this group's "Files" area.

All Google groups have a file area.

Alternately you can store your screenshot at a free image site like
Photobucket or Flickr and include a link to the image's location on
such a site.

My blog has a post requesting Hipihi error messages at
. There are two images there.

I don't speak Chinese, so I probably can't help with the

If you don't have any better screenshot software, on most windows
systems you can press Print Screen to get a copy of the screen image
stored on the Windows copy buffer. Then you can open the free Paint
program that comes with windows, and do Edit Paste to past the screen
image from the copy buffer into the file.

There's are some excellent free image processing programs that can
among other things take screenshots and allow you to edit them. Once
such program is Irfanview, available from http://www.irfanview.com/ .

For additional help with Hipihi for English speakers (and other non-
Chinese-speakers) see the inaccurately named Overseas Zone subforum in
the forums at http://www.hipihi.com and the English Hipihi forum at
http://www.ideashape.cn and my blog's Hipihi page at
http://suezannecbaskerville.wordpress.com/Hipihi and the various posts
elsewhere in my blog's main page.

Sue Baskerville ( SuezanneC Baskerville )

Oct 3, 2007, 11:51:28 PM10/3/07
to Hipihi
"Avatar" has sent me an email with a picture that I believe has the
text of an error message shown in my blog at

My blog post is the first link that comes up if you put "Hipihi error
message", no quotes, in as search terms at Google.
I encourage everyone to make use of the magical wondrous powers
granted us by the internet.

I think that's an error message that means "incorrect password".

One cause of that can be that you made a password longer than ten
characters. The Hipihi registration page will let you enter a
password that's longer than it should be, longer than ten characters.
Try entering just the first ten characters of your password.

There's are two forums that have English speaking Hipihi users, one an
official Hipihi company forum, and one a third party forum. (By the
way, there are several other third party Hipihi oriented forums but
they don't appear to be designed at all for non-Chinese speaking

If you join the forums at hipihi.com and ideashape.cn you can put any
message or dialog box image up and it will be read by people that
speak both Chinese and English. The official company forums have
volunteer workers, somewhat like Second Life Mentors, I suppose, that
should answer questions. I also read those forums to some degree.
There's so much stuff on the inernet it's hard to keep up with it
all. Just in the area of virtual worlds alone!

When people post in this Google Group the posts are forwarded to my
email address, so I don't have to remember to read this Group chat.

These google group messages are indexed by Google in a regular web
search, so problems solved here can be found by and thus benefit
people other than the person that had the problem. I think though
that the Hipihi forum or the Ideashape forum would be more likely to
get seen by more people than this google group.

Actually, I think Cristiano Midnight of Second Life and the operator
of SLuniverse.com, the site that does the Snapzilla SL pictures, and
has the oldest SL 3rd party forums, should open up a Hipihi forum,
but I guess Cris doesn't think so. He could even open a Hipihi
version of Snapzilla - I guess it would need to include a screen
capture or file upload software since Hipihi doesn't have a email
snapshot function at present. Hmm, there's a feature request for
HIpihi - email snapshots.

Good luck with Hipihi. Remember to join the Ideashape and Hipihi

On Oct 3, 5:17 pm, Avatar <danu...@tin.it> wrote:

Sue Baskerville ( SuezanneC Baskerville )

Oct 4, 2007, 8:37:37 AM10/4/07
to Hipihi
"Avatar" sent an email reporting that 1. his password in ten
characters 2. his keyboard is Italian, and 3. he still can't get into

He asks how to get his password changed.

I believe the procedure for getting a password changed is to contact

Are you able to post in the forums at the www.hipihi.com site? It can
be a bit challenging even with the presence of a forum for non-Chinese
speakers - the forum interface is still largely Chinese.

All the instructions that I have provide for setting up Hipihi assume
the use of a U.S. English keyboard. I have heard from some others
with other types of keyboards. They have succeeded by adapting the
instructions for the actual keyboard they have.

So contact sup...@Hipihi.com and see what sort of answer you get. If
you haven't heard from sup...@hipihi.com within 3 days post here
again and or send email and we'll proceed from there.

Is the email addreess I am getting email from you from the email
address you used for Hipihi?

On Oct 3, 10:51 pm, "Sue Baskerville ( SuezanneC Baskerville )"

<sueza...@gmail.com> wrote:
> "Avatar" has sent me an email with a picture that I believe has the

> text of an error message shown in my blog athttp://i198.photobucket.com/albums/aa245/SuezanneC-Baskerville/Hipihi...

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