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Sue Baskerville ( SuezanneC Baskerville )

Jul 10, 2007, 2:17:08 AM7/10/07
to Hipihi
Below is a Google translation of the Hipihi support info page
originally in Chinese:
There's an editable version of this at
. Anyone able to improve the wording, or that has additional
information to add, is welcome to do so at that url.

01. HiPiHi What is the world?

HiPiHi world is a totally owned by the user and create a 3-D virtual
Please check more information.

02. HiPiHi into the inner world of what stage?

HiPiHi world's "Genesis" into the process and open the inner limited
Gongce two stages. Limited test period "epoch-making", "Nuwa made man"
and "Gems of the Creator," "mirage" chapter 4, After the "social
initially," the world has entered Gongce HiPiHi period.
At present, the world is in the midst of HiPiHi "Nuwa made man" stage,
Registration and check through the issuance of the code early invited
residents to participate in the World HiPiHi building.

03. What is the registration check code?

Check the registration code is 10 random characters generated by the
particular algorithm. Individual applicants can apply through a check
code, Calibration and use this code registered a HiPiHi world Account,
the world has become HiPiHi residents.

04. How to obtain registration check code?

1) directly to the team HiPiHi applications : the proposed project in
accordance with the requirements of your integrity, the right to fill
in online forms.
Http : / / / application / application . jsp
2) in the Forum HiPiHi self-built applications. HiPiHi team based on
the demand, non-residents paid to a certain amount of self-Forum
checksum code.
You can in self-built applications Forum :
A la Discriminación DIGA Haipishi Paradise :
A la Discriminación DIGA 100 Miscellaneous communities :
A la Discriminación DIGA Haipishi communities : http : / /
/ bbs / index.php
3) at 12:00 on June 1, 2007 and registered before the official forum
for residents logged residents each have five calibrator Codes used to
invite friends to join HiPiHi world. The future, the team will HiPiHi
irregularly registered residents to the new payment check code.
Registered residents of the residents of Crown Forum http : / / / main.jhtml after landing; the left column of the
Forum can be seen : "invite your friends to join HiPiHi" Genesis "!" ,
in the following input box on your friend to fill in the Email
address, You can be a friend to send a check code.

05. Check the application code, how long can get?

Since you have to submit a form from the date of 2-3 days, the system
will be audited by the check code sent to you by registered mail.
Warm reminded : Because Gmail mail depauperates high frequency letter,
please have your applications to avoid the use of Gmail mail.

06. Why do I apply, and we have not received any check code?

If you sent in the application three working days have not received
the check code is likely to be the following reasons :
1) You fill in the personal information is incomplete or incorrect
2) You fill in the email address wrong; (Please avoid using Gmail
3), as limited inner temporarily Send places have been filled.

07. Can apply for a few more check code?

Individuals and groups can apply for accounts and check code.
Individual application, HiPiHi will each provide a check code.
Applications, HiPiHi according to the scale of the number of groups
receive the appropriate amount of check codes.

08. Groups and how to apply?

HiPiHi encourage the groups to apply to join the common user HiPiHi
world. Organizations need to fill out the "world body HiPiHi online
application form," the application of information, need sponsors from
groups / persons responsible for the complete and true to fill. HiPiHi
according to the group size and group size HiPiHi world in the scheme
to its decision to release user groups invited by the quantity.

User groups include :
Self-built site : HiPiHi the world's inhabitants by the creation and
maintenance, of which mainly deals HiPiHi the site.
QQ group : HiPiHi world by residents or HiPiHi lovers have created the
HiPiHi the QQ groups.
Various agencies : Concern HiPiHi the various agencies and
Private groups : common hope HiPiHi organizations in the world of
private groups.
Other : HiPiHi any desire to build prosperity of the world body.

09. I received a check code, how to register? How to download the
client software?

Please send your system calibration code of mail instructions.
Registered mail addresses and link client download locations.

10. Registration process will be affected, which will pop up a mistake
in English pages. Re-registration, suggesting Check
Code has been used, this can be re-check code?

First, we recommend you use IE6.0 browser. Lead to errors because of
instability in the network, in your submitted registration page when
problems. You can choose to re-register. If the system prompt check
codes have been in use, you do not have to re-apply for the check
codes, and this shows you the registration data has been written,
please login client. If still not successful, please send your
questions to customer service mail :

11. Registration code over 10 how to do?

The system automatically intercept passwords before 10. You can
register using your user name and password before 10 log.

12. Heard during the test account, enter Gongce will be canceled, is
it true?

During the testing, your user name and password, we do not retain. At
the launch of a new account management policies and systems, the
residents can use the new name of the account and standards, re-
registered. Prior to this the registered residents, HiPiHi world with
the personal name of the priority right to choose (based on the new
standards to retain or change). Related to specific policies are being

13. HiPiHi world system configuration is required?

Minimum :
Operating System : Windows 2000 (SP4) / XP (SP2)
Network : DSL, Cable, LAN
Network speed : 50Kbps
Graphics : Nvidia Geforce 6600/ATI Radeon 9600 64MB
Screen resolution : not less than 1,024 X768
CPU : Intel P4 2GHz/AMD Sempron 2500 +
Memory : 512MB
DX : DirectX 9.0c
Recommended configuration :
Operating System : Windows 2000 (SP4) / XP (SP2)
Network : DSL, Cable, LAN
Network speeds : 150Kbps
Graphics : Nvidia Geforce 7600GS/ATI Radeon X1600 128MB
Screen resolution : not less than 1,024 X768
CPU : Intel P4 3GHz/AMD Athlon64 3200 +
Memory : 1GB
DX : DirectX 9.0c

14. Once started, Tip "Failed creating the Direct3D device". how do?

First, make sure your computer HiPiHi world needed to meet the basic
configuration; If the above configuration but are still unable to meet
the start, you can take the following approach :
A la Discriminación DIGA updated graphics driver;
A la Discriminación DIGA changes in the quality of color from 32 into
16. The methods of operation : desktop attributes -- Set -- color
A la Discriminación DIGA changes to the 1,024 x768 resolution.
If you do not start, please send your questions to customer service
mail : Login or our residents Forum, enthusiastic
residents and customer service staff will give you the fastest

15. Normal landing, "the server without response" how do?

Please check your network configuration, possible causes :
1) The network is too slow;
2) Network Connection instability;
3) set up a firewall and port issues.

16. Download the client, can only enter landing interface, a user
password prompt information "is not even
.....", Prompt access after the disappearance, or landing interface,
the client they could not, how about?

Please confirm whether the latest client version, if not, please
completely uninstall previous versions of the client, the installation
of the most Xinbankehuduan.

17. Client normal operation, it can not enter the password how do?

HiPiHi World in a desktop shortcut on the right-point election
attributes, in which compatibility, "The procedures for the closure of
advanced text services," elected. (This method is only suitable for
the current XP system, the VISTA system is not fully compatible

18. How to change the password?

Currently at the inner and are unable to change passwords, very

19. Login client after emerging phenomenon of blank screens how do?

Blank screen appeared the main VISTA system is more, HiPiHi the
current system is unable to fully compatible VISTA system, can try to
increase or reduce graphics driver.

20. Login client, the phenomenon appeared Huaping how do?

1) re-installation DircetX 9.0c;
2) Your Graphics Drivers inappropriate to try to replace the graphics
card driver;
3) Upgrade.

21. Why switch window or when changes arise resolutionimaging VC + +

This is your Windows XP on the choice of themes. Please make use of
the default Windows XP theme.

22. Login client can not see the future, only to see their names, what
are the reasons?

1) The use of W, S Key figures moving about so;
2) by right-clicking the "Shunyi";
3) If yes integrated graphics, the need to replace the graphics.

23. Will the world how HiPiHi Mobile?

Mobile, : walking, running, flying and Shunyi and transmission
Choices : Move the keyboard
Running : Key by T after press Move; Or, with the right mouse button
and click "went here"
Fly : by F key combination of mouse control. Mouse scrolling upward or
Jumping : Key blanks
Sit down : X
Sitting on the ground : N
Lie down : L
Automatic treadmill : Num lock (that is lock button)
Shunyi : Click on the destination, then with the right mouse button
and click "Shunyi to here"
Transmission : The small maps and map. Small maps this point as long
as we can. Map first point and then transmit it.
Perspective transformation, scrolling mouse control. Scroll and zoom
can. Drag with the right mouse button press can change perspective.

24. How transferred with the aircraft and how the aircraft started?

Stressed out : with the right mouse button, we can see that "my
aircraft" option, click away.
Start : first need to increase the throttle, and then it started.

25. How control aircraft flying?

There is a frame and the Red Cross, moving the mouse, red spots and
the location of pointer can be controlled aircraft balance. The next
aircraft using the mouse to control the forward backward.

26. How to own land?

During the test, each can be a free account with a land area of 10,000
square meters. World Business HiPiHi official releases before
commencement, all the land will be withdrawn. By then, HiPiHi world,
the land would be open to the public free paid the purchase, rental or
transfer. Participate in the "Genesis" (the inner and Gongce limited
period) residents, will have the world's land HiPiHi right of pre-
emption. Specific price and related policies will be issued later.
To own land, we must first find a no owner of the land. You selected
on the land it with the right mouse button, select "land" to detect
land information, if the land is public land. or has been owned by
other residents, an alternative land. One can only temporary residents
have a free land, but has failed to give up and not to change
locations So to suggest that you find the time to choose carefully.

27. There can only be one person to one?

Limited the inner stage, each account can only have a free land.

28. The land can Resolution?

Block also not present Resolution.

29. Mount point is what?

HiPiHi mount is a world of positioning signs. For example, to create a
chair, how can it hold "sit down" the attributes? This time should be
used mount point, placed in a mount point above that chair, the
characters can be detected can sit down and the chair of the
information. Mount point of the form of a green arrow, the direction
of attributes, referring to the direction of the arrow is the people-
oriented direction.

30. Flame of magic to how to delete?

Click on the create-create magic, then you can see the flames in the
lower part there is a small green, click on the Green, we can remove

31. How to get more help?

1) the installation procedure HiPiHi list ( "start" -- the "process"
-- "HiPiHi Wor ld ") can be found" to help residents Manual ",
including :
1. How to customize the image;
2. How flight;
3. How to buy land;
4. How to chat;
5. How to edit terrain;
6. How to edit a scene;
7. How to edit effects;
8. Shortcut Key list.
2) In place of birth newcomers Crystal View floating suggested;
3) HiPiHi world press F1 help key View;
4) Advisory HiPiHi world of online staff or other residents;
5) Sign HiPiHi residents access to the official forum HIPIHI knowledge
base and help manuals;
Http : / / / main.jhtml
6) Send your questions to customer service mail :

32. I would like to ask how to solve the problem of virtual currencies
and virtual real currency and the currency conversion?

HiPiHi on world monetary and economic system is in-depth policy
formulation process, But it is clear that the HiPiHi world will adopt
rules setting system makes residents created to achieve real economic

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