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Steve Kamerman

Jun 28, 2011, 12:00:35 PM6/28/11
to HipHop for PHP Dev
Hi all,

Firstly, thanks for all the hard work, Facebook! Also, is this group
active, and if not, what is the best Group/mailing list/IRC to chat
about HipHop?

I've noticed that the APC.SharedMemorySize option is deprecated, and
I'm trying to follow the logic in the source code to figure out how I
specify a ceiling for the APC memory. I see that ext/ext_apc.cpp uses
base/shared/shared_store.cpp for storage, but I don't see where/how
the memory usage is limited.

Actually, I think I just found it. It turns out that some APC
RuntimeOptions contain 'APC' and the others contain 'Apc'. Here's
what I found:

./runtime/base/shared/shared_store_base.cpp:125: size_t
maxCap = RuntimeOption::ApcMaximumCapacity;
./runtime/base/runtime_option.cpp:745: ApcMaximumCapacity =

It looks like in the code the option is
RuntimeOption::ApcMaximumCapacity and in the config I need to set

Is there some documentation on the current implementation of APC in

btw, here's a quick tip to get runtime options from the src/ dir:
cat ./runtime/base/runtime_option.cpp | perl -e 'while(<>){if(m/
RuntimeOption::([a-zA-Z]+)/){print "$1\n";}}' | grep -i apc | sort


Steve Kamerman
COO at ScientiaMobile
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