Version 1.03beta4 with new features & more

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DYNA Logix

Nov 25, 2014, 6:05:37 PM11/25/14
Sorry for the delay, you know I have other projects and I need to manage my time between the projects.

So with beta4 I hope to eliminate all reasons for worry that version 1.03 might break the app which works so well for many: all new additions in 1.03 became optional, which means they are off by default, and if not enabled, the app should act exactly as it did in v1.02.

On the other hand you will probably want to turn on the additional features:

  • Fight for mic = enables the more aggressive measures to acquire microphone focus (introduced in v1.03beta2)
  • Protect in pocket = is a user requested feature, which would apply a transparent screen guard if it detects the phone is in a dark place (ie pocket or bag) when the BT button is pressed.
Protect in pocket
  1. Only total darkness (light level = 0) brings it up
  2. Drag either side of the screen towards the edge to unlock
  3. The physical buttons and the notification bar / action buttons are still active but...
  4. ...but the veil stays even if you exit Google Now with the physical buttons / action buttons (protecting other apps)
  5. All voice functions of Google Now should work unaffected
  6. Any number of follow-up button presses will keep the veil
  7. The veil is removed when the screen turns (or turned) off

If nothing comes up I am planning to release this version within 2 days to the main channel, please check and let me know of any incompatibilities.
Note: I got reports of trouble going beyond the keyguard under Lollipop, fixes for that are to be expected in the following release.

Thank you for all your support

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