Hint2Search on N4 with lollipop

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Mário Araujo

Nov 17, 2014, 1:48:23 PM11/17/14
to hint2search-...@googlegroups.com
Hey guys, wonderful app, for the first time I can use my headset to call someone with google now.

My headset is a LG HBS750 and it works.

Some points:
- google now really keep the window open after you dial? No way to make it close?
- I don´t know if anyone tested with Lollipop, Im using on N4 and it worked even with pattern lockscreen(with the option to work even on lockscreen turned on on Now). Only thing is, after used for the first time, it take a while for the button to open Now again, it works like that or could it be something with lollipop?
- I tried to create a reminder, the voice said that it was ok but didnt show on the list, anyone tried that already?

Really great app. To be perfect just need to solve that sometimes doesnt work after first command. I can make some other tests on lollipop if you guys need.

DYNA Logix

Nov 17, 2014, 2:05:42 PM11/17/14
to hint2search-...@googlegroups.com
Thank you Mario, for the good news. Regarding your points:
1. You mean after the phone call started the screen stays on?  I am afraid there's not much we can do, since the BT button press will hang up the call at this point. 

2. It takes a while until Google Now lets the audiofocus go.  I don't think it is much shorter on other versions of Android.  Sometimes it helps if you press the button more than one time.

3. Please test the same thing using the handheld microphone. I would be surprised if it worked differently with the headset.  Maybe your available actions are limited if you come from a patter lockscreen?  But they should tell you...

Thanks for the report, it's good to have somebody who can test for us on Lollipop.

Mário Araujo

Nov 17, 2014, 4:45:32 PM11/17/14
to hint2search-...@googlegroups.com
1. No, after the call ended. When I unlock the phone, the Now screen with the contact I called is the first thing I see. But I just tried without the headset and the same happen, looks like the default behaviour on Lollipop(why google, why...)

2. Yeah, I tried a little more now and it works again without issues, just need to wait a few seconds to use it again.

3. I tested now. The "reminder" command works as intended, only issue is that need to press confirmation on screen, didn´t find a way to create the reminder wihout touching the phone. And the "Note to self" looks broken on Lollipop, didnt show the screen to select google keep as default app.

Anyway, most issues seen OS related. Thanks again for this great app.

The beta version has anything different besides second button function?

DYNA Logix

Nov 18, 2014, 5:03:17 AM11/18/14
to hint2search-...@googlegroups.com
3. You could try clearing defaults for keep or gmail
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