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Dec 18, 2014, 6:59:58 PM12/18/14
Many smaller usability improvements, but I haven't changed anything in the core functionality, so I didn't bother with the beta version this time (Am I going to regret???)

  • Easy disable LG VoiceCommand (thx XDA/workdowg)
    Similar to the "Disable SVoice" button for Samsung users,
    LG owners can now press the "Disable VoiceCommand" button to easily access to disable the system app info for VoiceCommand SpeechPack, which normally holds the headset button hostage)

  • Easy clear defaults to reconfigure headset button
    If you ever want to assign the headset button to a different application, you can now use the new "Clear Defaults (Reassign headset button)" button :-)

  • Vibrate to prompt (beta)
    Some headsets connect with a delay, and the Google Now prompt sound is not heard. I added this function per user suggestion, but it's not been tested much. Please try if the app works well for you with this feature enabled. (default=off)

  • More user friendly in app usage hints
    I added one liner descriptions to the different toggle options. The hints show for a few seconds when you turn options on or off. Let me know if this is too annoying
Your feedback is very much appreciated as always. If you find a grave error, feel free to email me direct:
I fix / backtrack within a few hours
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