Stuck on lock screen [Galaxy S5 + SMH5-FM]

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Sep 22, 2015, 5:07:28 AM9/22/15
to Hint2Search beta testers,

Hint2Search only works when screen is on. It doesn't allow to pass the locked or even black (off) screen.
It triggers google now (I can hear the google now's answer) but the action is not launched as it can not unlock or turn the screen on again. The action is eventualy launched when the screen is manualy unlocked or turned on.


With screen unlocked and on: 
- call btn= Hint2search triggered => launches google now => voice recognition ok => call sucessfull.

With screen off or locked:
- call btn= Hint2search triggered => launches google now => voice recognition ok (Google now confirms "calling XXX") => call NOT sucessfull: GoogleNow waits for screen to be on and unlocked. When manualy unlocking the screen the process continues and the call is launched.
- Same thing if I ask google now to listen to music: it confirms the command but waits for the screen to be activated before the music is effectively launch.
- If I launch a command that "Stays inside google now", it completes: Say "Weather" => Google now answers wether the screen is locked or not.

Config & parameters:
Samsung Galaxy S5. Stock rom. Not rooted. Last lollipop update.
GoogleNow up to date.
Hint2Search v1.10 (last version from Google play).
Phone language: french (by same behavior with US english).
GoogleNow parameters: Recognize "Ok google" in all screens. HeadSet on. 
Headset: SENA SMH5-FM. Recognized as trusted in SafeLock in the Security parameters of Galaxy.
Lock screen: fingerprint. When headset is on, Safelock recognize it and it moved to swipe.
Samsung SVoice disabled.

and it seems this allready happened and a solution was found.

Thanks for your help.
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