I can't get this to work on my non-rooted LG G3

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Bill Helfand

Apr 11, 2015, 9:55:25 AM4/11/15
to hint2search-...@googlegroups.com
I read carefully the responses from the other LG G3 user but I cannot replicate what he did because my phone is not rooted.

I have gone to apps and either stopped and/or disabled every app that is identified as a voice app, other than voice recorder, which will not stop.

Even after I turn all of those things off, and even though I have disabled Voice Command through the hint2search process (and it shows disabled both in that app and when I go to settings) when I push the button on the Moto hint, I get the display of the dialogue for the LG voice command but nothing happens when I speak (I assume because I have turned off voice command). I never see anything related to Hint2Search or Google.

Can I get this to work?



DYNA Logix

Apr 11, 2015, 10:08:29 AM4/11/15
to hint2search-...@googlegroups.com
You see it correctly. The problem is, the OS on your G3 never hands over the control to Hint2Search (or any other app). It is locked by either your carrier or LG. I suspect the former, because in some variants of the G3 users were able to disable the Voice Command app. Or it could be region dependent.

I am sorry, but the only thing I can offer is a refund (if you couldn't get from the Play Store within the first 120 minutes after purchase). I will process it immediately if you send your order number to my email: dyna.l...@gmail.com

It is very frustrating, I wish manufacturers or carriers would read these forums with disappointed users. There are many device makers who don't lock their systems so tightly, hopefully the market will reward their behaviour.
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