HikariCP 2.3.0 released

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Brett Wooldridge

Jan 20, 2015, 8:29:00 AM1/20/15
to hika...@googlegroups.com
HikariCP 2.3.0 has been published to the maven central repository.

Changes in 2.3.0

 * Support pool suspend/resume though JMX to support certain failover scenarios.

 * Fix theoretical race in JDBC 4.0 detection support.

 * Improve shutdown() semantics to avoid exceptions as connections are forcefully

 * Unregister Codahale metrics at shutdown, if metrics are enabled.

 * Major internal project layout restructuring to allow shared use of common code
   between the Java 6/7 and Java 8 versions.

 * Fixed bug where two pools in the same VM (and ClassLoading domain), using drivers
   with differing JDBC support levels, would fail unless both pools were using

 * Improved timeliness of maxLifetime evictions, while increasing performance of
   getConnection() slightly as a side-effect.

 * Fixed bug in HikariDataSource unwrap() semantics.

 * Allow a lower leakDetectionThreshold of 2 seconds.

 * Fixed bug when using the HikariJNDIFactory that required the presence of 
   Codahale metrics.

 * Support initializationFailFast even when minimumIdle = 0

Please report issues with 2.3.0 here or in the Github issue tracker.  Please mention 2.3.0 in all reports.

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