HikariCP 2.3.1 has been released

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Brett Wooldridge

Jan 26, 2015, 8:44:01 AM1/26/15
to hika...@googlegroups.com
HikariCP 2.3.1 has been published to the maven central repository.

Changes in 2.3.1

 * Work around a bug in the MySQL Connector/J implementation of Connection.setNetworkTimeout()
   that results in non-deterministic asynchronous application of the timeout, resulting in an
   NPE from the MySQL driver when setNetworkTimeout() is followed immediately by close().

 * Introduced a separate validationTimeout property, distict from connectionTimeout, to allow
   greater control for some deployments that desire a long (or infinite) connectionTimeout
   but expect the aliveness check to succeed for fail within a different (shorter) amount of

Please report issues with 2.3.1 here or in the Github issue tracker.  Please mention 2.3.1 in all reports.
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