HikariCP 2.4.0 released

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Brett Wooldridge

Jul 29, 2015, 9:07:37 AM7/29/15
to HikariCP
HikariCP 2.4.0 has been published to the maven central repository.  Impactful changes are highlighted below in red.

Changes in 2.4.0

 * Consolidated distribution into single JVM target (Java 7/8).  Java 6 support has
   entered maintenance mode, bug fixes will continue on the 2.3.x branch.

 * Removed runtime dependency on Javassist by pre-generating proxy classes at build-time.

 * Significantly reduced overhead, and increased reliabilty, of ConcurrentBag.

 * Reduced garbage generation by 2-3x.

 * Add connection soft-eviction and replacement if backward system clock motion or
   significant forward jumps (greater than 1 minute) are detected.

 * Pool configuration properties and DataSource methods previously marked as
   @Deprecated have been removed.

 * Deprecated HikariDataSource.shutdown() in favor of close().
 * Improve shutdown performance.

 * Allow user specified ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor for housekeeping timer.  Useful
   in applications with dozens or hundreds of pools in the same JVM.

 * Reduce overhead and accuracy of Dropwizard gauges.

 * Minor bugfixes and logging improvements.

Please report issues with 2.4.0 here or in the Github issue tracker.
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