HikariCP 2.6.1 released

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Brett Wooldridge

Mar 10, 2017, 7:18:38 AM3/10/17
to HikariCP
HikariCP 2.6.1 is now released and available in the Sonatype (maven) repository.

Java 8 maven dependency:


Changes in 2.6.1

 * issue 835 fix increased CPU consumption under heavy load caused by excessive
   spinning in the ConcurrentBag.requite() method.

* issue 821 if a disconnection class exception is thrown during initial connection setup, do not set the flag that indicates that checkDriverSupport() is complete. * issue 817 updated behavior of new initializationFailTimeout, please see the official documentation for details. * issue 742 add direct MXBean accessor methods to HikariDataSource for users who do not want run run JMX.

Please report problems to the issue tracker in Github.
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