HikariCP 2.3.7 released

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Brett Wooldridge

Apr 22, 2015, 5:08:29 AM4/22/15
to hika...@googlegroups.com
HikariCP 2.3.7 has been published to the maven central repository.  This is a bugfix release.

Changes in 2.3.7

 * Try harder at resolving the driver by various means when both driverClassName and jdbcUrl
   have been specified.

 * Allow a specifically set DataSource instance to override other settings such as jdbcUrl,
   dataSourceClassName, or driverClassName.
 * Fixed issue where, in the case of a driver-based configuration (jdbcUrl), we were not
   initialising the network timeout Executor.

 * Fixed race condition uncovered during load-testing in which the connections in the pool
   can spike to the maximum pool size when many connections reach their maxLifetime at the
   same time.

Please report issues with 2.3.7 here or in the Github issue tracker.
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