HikariCP 2.3.4 released

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Brett Wooldridge

Mar 20, 2015, 3:35:09 AM3/20/15
to hika...@googlegroups.com
HikariCP 2.3.4 has been published to the maven central repository.

Changes in 2.3.4

 * Fixed class cast exception when setting the HealthCheckRegistry via JNDI lookup.
 * Allow Dropwizard MetricRegistry/HealthCheckRegistry to be set after pool startup --
   one time only.

 * Make logger in BaseHikariPool non-static and use getClass() to log messages as the
   implementation class rather than as BaseHikariPool.

 * Removed deprecation from connectionInitSql, it will be allowed.

 * Made suspect/resume lock non-static (should be be shared across pools).
 * Improved unwrap() behavior in the Hibernate HikariConnectionProvider.

 * Improved leak detection log

Changes in 2.3.3

 * Fixed bad interaction with PostgeSQL JDBC driver whereby a SQLException thrown by
   PostgreSQL where the getNextException() call returns the original exception and causes
   an infinite loop in HikariCP (and eventual stack overflow).
 * Throw a typed Exception rather than a simple RuntimeException when pool initialization

 * Allow Dropwizard Metrics and HealthChecks to be configured by a JNDI lookup.

Please report issues with 2.3.4 here or in the Github issue tracker.
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