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Hi-Fi Cast Developer

Aug 20, 2017, 4:18:23 AM8/20/17
By far the most common cause of music stopping unexpectedly (especially when the screen goes off) is the battery optimization features of the phone/tablet stopping Hi-Fi Cast from running in the background.

If you are finding that playback stops unexpectedly after a period of time please try the following:
  • Disable any Battery Saver (or Power Saver) function that you may have enabled on your phone/tablet. Hi-Fi Cast needs to communicate regularly with your playback device and battery savers can interfere with this. For example, the battery saver on Xaiomi devices will cause playback to stop after 4-5 minutes after the screen goes off. On some Huawei devices Hi-Fi Cast will need to be set as a 'protected app' (see below for instructions) and on some Samsung devices Hi-Fi Cast will need to be added to the list of unmonitored apps. See below for more details.
  • For Android versions 6.0 and above try disabling Android 'Doze Mode' for the Hi-Fi Cast app
    • Open the settings app on your phone
    • Tap battery
    • Tap the menu button and choose "Battery optimization"
    • Tap the dropdown menu at the top of the screen and select "All Apps"
    • Scroll down to "Hi-Fi Cast" - tap it and select "Don't Optimize"

To remove battery optimization for the Hi-Fi Cast app on MIUI powered phones (eg Xaiomi):

  • Settings -> battery & performance -> power -> app battery saver -> Hi-Fi Cast -> no restrictions.
Huawei/Honor devices:

On some Samsung devices Hi-Fi Cast needs to be added to the list of unmonitored apps:

  • Go to Settings - Device Maintenance - Battery - App Power Monitor - Unmonitored Apps (towards bottom of page) - Add Apps
On some Samsung devices Hi-Fi Cast needs to be removed from the to the list of Sleeping Apps AND have the Allow background activity setting enabled:

More links related to battery optimization (incorrectly) stopping apps from running in the background:

Other things to try

  • Keep your phone connected to the local network during playback. Hi-Fi Cast needs to remain connected to your local network so it can control track advance when a song ends. Even disconnecting from the local network for short periods of time can cause problems because Hi-Fi Cast can lose the connection to your playback device (an active connection is indicated by a solid orange 'cast' icon at the bottom of the 'Now Playing' or 'Music Library' screens).
  • Task manager or Process killer apps can interfere with Hi-Fi Cast. If you have installed this type of app, add Hi-Fi Cast to the 'white list' so that the Hi-Fi Cast process is not killed during music playback.
  • Close open apps that you are not using by swiping them from the Android 'recent apps' screen.
  • Try rebooting your phone/tablet, router and playback device (yes, all three!)
If the music stops at the end of each track and you are playing to a UPnP/DLNA renderer:
  • Turn off the 'Renderer Eventing' option via Settings > UPnP/DLNA > Renderer specific settings
  • Turn of the 'Gapless Playback' option via Settings > UPnP/DLNA > Renderer specific settings

Hi-Fi Cast Developer

Mar 20, 2022, 7:56:53 PMMar 20
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For Samsung S20, the following might help:

In the Android Settings app, go into the app's configuration and under battery configuration mark its battery usage as unrestricted.

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