"not deleting diverged bookmark" on every GitHub PR merge

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Sanjay Vasandani

Apr 11, 2023, 3:11:09 PM4/11/23
to hg-git
I wanted to post here before filing an Issue on Heptapod as this may be particular to GitHub, but I'm not certain that's the case.

I have `pull-prune-bookmarks` and `pull-prune-remote-branches` on (the default). The GitHub repo I'm interacting with is set to automatically delete remote branches on merge. It's also set to maintain linear history, squash PR commits into a single revision, and use the PR description as the final commit message. Something about this configuration means that every time I `hg pull` after a PR is merged, hg-git fails to delete my local bookmark with a "not deleting diverged bookmark" message.
Note that I'm following the recommendation from another thread to specifically indicate the default Git branch in my URL fragment, so by default only that remote branch is "tracked" in Git terms. It appears that pushing a bookmark as my own Git branch from hg-git also results in that being "tracked", as a `git-remote` tag is created. I think this tag might not actually get created until my next `hg pull`, but I've noticed this behavior even when I've pulled since my last bookmark push. hg-git version: 1.0.2
Tangentially related to https://foss.heptapod.net/mercurial/hg-git/-/issues/382

Sanjay Vasandani

May 4, 2023, 1:26:37 PM5/4/23
to hg-git
I think I've figured out the issue and it's not specific to GitHub at all. When I push a bookmark to the remote repo it doesn't immediately get it's git-remote tag updated. That doesn't happen until my next pull. If I happen to pull before the branch is merged, everything works fine. If not, it gets treated as if it diverged.
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