import hg-git branches as bookmarks to named branch but not the default branch

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Uwe Brauer

Dec 29, 2022, 2:50:49 AM12/29/22
to via hg-git


When git started almost every repository called its «main» branch
«master». Today, on political reasons, often the «main» branch is called
well «main».

On the other hand hg-git imports, git branches as bookmarks to the
default branch.

So is it possible to configure hg-git in such a way that
theses git branches end up on a named branch I can configure (the reason
is that I use topics and can export topics as git branches).

So when I create with hg a repository that I want to share with git
users say on github I make «default» the «main» git branch. But in case
the git repository was already created by a git user, then the main
branch is either «main» or «master»


Uwe Brauer

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