Flu shot

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HRM Resident

Oct 27, 2021, 9:27:59 AM10/27/21
Got one yesterday. Hmmm. Two Shingles shots, two Covid shots and two
flu shots in 15 months. Can’t wait for Covid booster.

I saw something in the paper this morning saying someone had got a
pneumonia shot this year. First I have heard of one of those. I thought
pneumonia was bacterial, but upon reflection, I believe that I have heard
of viral pneumonia. Either way, does anyone know if vaccination against it
is common?

HRM Resident

Lucretia Borgia

Oct 27, 2021, 10:01:12 AM10/27/21
I got my flu shot this morning. Used to be they thought one pneumonia
shot at 65 would do it but now I think they recommend a booster every
ten years. I get a booster if my doc/pharmacist tells me, lost track
of it lol
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