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Mar 9, 2019, 3:07:40 AM3/9/19
to Hexo
Hi guys,

First of all, thanks for the awesome generator, I am loving it! :)

Just wanted to confirm how hexo is supposed to work, so that I can properly file a github issue.

In a first project I am working on using hexo I installed a theme called Strata (

This theme has a image at /themes/strata/source/images/bg.jpg and when I add a /source/images/bg.jpg it replaces the one in the theme with my projects image. This is the correct behaviour, right?

Then I made some changes in the theme layouts and added another image /themes/strata/source/images/map.jpg and a substitute in my project in /source/images/map.jpg and this time it gets the one in the theme instead of the one in the project when generating... I suppose this is not the correct way to process the files, right?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Cheers, @prc


Mar 9, 2019, 4:48:16 AM3/9/19
to Hexo
It seems that the precedence of files is kind of random... now I designed a new favicon.ico and added it to the project /source/images/ folder and it worked, then few generates later it stopped working and the original hexo favicon started to show again... really strange behaviour.

Will file an issue on github.
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