hexo serve throwing errors - possibly related to contents of one of my .md files?

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Mike Johnston

Nov 1, 2019, 10:49:26 AM11/1/19
to Hexo

I'm getting some odd errors when I run hexo serve after getting all of my posts converted using hexo wordpress migration tool. I have about 2700 posts and they were converted pretty quickly.

The only issue now is that hexo serve is throwing an error:

FATAL Something's wrong. Maybe you can find the solution 
here: https://hexo.io/docs/troubleshooting.html
Nunjucks Error:  [Line 7, Column 96] unexpected token: %}

(the error is much longer than that but I didn't want to paste the whole thing as i'm not sure it's relevant)

I have no idea how to troubleshoot this but here's what I did so far. I removed the posts and ran it again to make sure it wasn't the theme's config.yml and it ran fine. I replaced the theme with the default from github and reverted my changes and ran it and the same issue occurred.

I assume now that it has something to do with something in one of my posts. Since there's such a large amount, is there a tool that can be used to analyze a large list of .md files for formatting or errors and fix them or do I have to go through each one manually?

Thanks in advance.

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