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salma amali

Oct 2, 2020, 7:40:34 AM10/2/20
to HeuristicLab
hello HL
 I have two questions:
1- how can I add a dependency into the HeuristicLab.Problems.VehicleRouting HeuristicLab.Problems.Instances.VehicleRouting plugin , is it like references?

2- where I have to add those codes exactlycode.PNG


Oct 5, 2020, 4:15:20 AM10/5/20
to HeuristicLab
I assume that you have created your own plugin that references HeuristicLab. If you are working in a fork of HeuristicLab and want to add that directly to the VRP plugin you can skip step 1).

1) Yes, you have to add a reference to your plugin project (most of the time you have to reference several other plugins as the VRP is a very high-level plugin that uses lots of lower level plugins). But visual studio will tell you which references are required whenever you hit build. You can also have a look at which other projects the VRP plugin already references, you'll need the same most likely. In addition, you should add a "PluginDependency" attribute for each of those references to the Plugin class that you have created in your plugin.
2) That code is part of a new class in your plugin. Btw, in the latest version 3.3.16 the persistence was replaced with HEAL.Attic. It is no longer "StorableClass", but "StorableType" and the argument of the storable constructor has also changed. I updated the documentation.
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