Inguinal hernia

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adam suchy

Apr 14, 2022, 3:57:23 AM4/14/22
to Herniasurgery
I have small inguinal hernia. It is about 2x3cm and it is new one about 1 month ago.
I read a lot of good reviews about Dr. Desarda method and I would likle to try because Im afraid about mesh implant. Im 33 years old and im gettig sick when I think that plastic mesh will stay with me to rest of my life and afraid about long term complications.
Im form Poland and I found a few doctor who know Desarda technique.

Only one thing that puzzles me is what with my iron sport. I do kettlebell training with weigh from 30 to 100kg (my bodyweight is 100kg). Kettlebells are static moves like presses and dynamic moves with hips. Of course with light start.

Could I get an answer could I do kettlebell sport with peace of mind after full recovery?

Best Regards

Prof.Dr.Desarda MP

Apr 15, 2022, 12:28:49 AM4/15/22
to Herniasurgery
Dear Adam,
You developed hernia, it means your body tissue may yield to raised abdominal tensions due to sports or any thing else and may lead to recurrence or hernia formation at other site. This may happen even if the hernia is repaired with our technique or mesh repair.
So our advise is
1] Reduce your weight
2] Restrict sports activities as much minimum as much possible.

adam suchy

Apr 15, 2022, 1:25:44 AM4/15/22
to Herniasurgery
Thanks Professor for your answer. 

My bodyweight is ok. I am 100kg and 198cm so a little skinny.
I get hernia during my deadlift PR 200kg, so I thought that training weight between 30-100kg will be safe after full recovery. Really sad because of this but I can see I have to deal with it.
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