not sure the kind but no mesh is for me

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Newark EveryDay

Oct 18, 2019, 2:16:07 AM10/18/19
to Herniasurgery
I have suffered with this hernia for 20 years got a diagnosis in 2014 after a horrible bout of gastritis. In any event I can't lay on my stomach anymore im a stomach and side sleeper however I can now only lay on my side and back. I also need a tummy tuck . Does Dr. Desarda also do this? 

Prof.Dr.Desarda MP

Feb 26, 2020, 11:22:56 PM2/26/20
to Herniasurgery

We do not have any centre or doctor known to us who is performing hernia surgery by our technique in your locality. However, you can find a doctor in your area also for your treatment. We have delivered lectures to many surgeons from all over the world through various conferences. If the doctors are used to attend these conferences then they should be aware about this surgical technique. My lectures are teaching lectures. However, if any surgeon whom you contact for your surgery is not aware then don’t worry. Show him the internet pages you have about our technique or ask him to send us an email and we will provide him all teaching material. Our operation technique is very simple to understand and follow for any surgeon with a good surgical skill. So you can contact a surgeon from your locality and give him all the information downloaded from our web site. He may go through that and be willing to use this technique. We have not made any patent of this operation technique so any surgeon can use it without any permission or payment to us. We will be providing all the technical knowhow free of cost to him. Visit our website to get full access to all operative or recovery videos, research articles or cost involved.

Ahmed Ansar

Feb 26, 2020, 11:41:32 PM2/26/20
to Herniasurgery
Thanks a lot Dr.Desarda for your quick response, our dr told us that my mothers abdominal wall is very weak and doesnt have enough muscle at all 
i will refer your website to our dr and and connect with you. If required and is it possible to send one of your surgeon to coimbatore (we can pay for his service)
to consult my mother. we are waiting for CT scan results.
i wish she did her first operation 20 years ago using your technique
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