piHPSDR with the HL2

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Mark R

Apr 6, 2024, 8:35:59 PMApr 6
to Hermes-Lite
Greetings all,

I started looking at piHPSDR to run on a raspberry pi or other small system. Maybe something to sit next to me at my desk while I am working elsewhere and so on.
Currently I am using Thetis with the radios and all is well.
(as an aside I have two HL2s)

I landed on github at https://github.com/g0orx/pihpsdr
cloned, compiled.... but it would not detect the radios. Tried giving it an address of the radios, no dice. It just would not connect to either of the radios.

A couple of days later I took another look at git and noticed some forks... and that one was being updated regularly so I decided to give that one a try. I landed @ https://github.com/dl1ycf/pihpsdr

So I grabbed that.. read the PDF to see what was different about compilation... compiled it.. and it saw and connected to both radios. but then I hit another snag.
So, it connects to either radio... it receives... I can see that there is audio from my microphone on the digital meter....
But no output power. Not using mox, not using tune.... nothing.
Neither radio puts out any power at all. I have been over every dialog in there looking at whether the PA is enabled, checking the open collector stuff.... as both radios have the N2ADR filter boards in them... no dice. Relays open and close as bands change, tx, etc.
Just no output on TX.
As a debugging step I took one of the radios apart and pulled the N2ADR board and scoped the output, and there is nothing. The UI shows the tone, and the panadapter shows me speaking when in TX there just isn't anything actually happening.
I even tried the dual tone in the puresignal setup, and I see the tones on the screen but no output form the radio. Tried many combinations of the power slider and the settings in the PA menu... different bands.... no dice.

Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions? Thetis is working with both radios... so this has to be something with the raspberry pi and/or piHPSDR.

Thanks in advance all.

Ron Lewkowicz

Apr 7, 2024, 1:26:00 AMApr 7
to Hermes-Lite
OK, lets see....  on the Radio menu make sure PA Enable is checked and N2ADR filter selected.  On the PA menu 38.8 is the highest output and 100 is basically zero power out.  On the OC menu all the correct filters should already be selected but double check.  I expect that should look as you are used to in Thetis.  With tune drive set to 100 in the TX menu clicking the tune button should give 5W out minimum.  Output on SSB obviously needs mic level set and also Compression must be on even if only set to 0 or SSB output will be lower than one would expect.

Graeme Jury

Apr 7, 2024, 5:10:02 AMApr 7
to herme...@googlegroups.com
Hello Mark,

Have you checked the Menu/Radio/PA_Enable check box? Also maximum power out occurs at 30 not 100 in the Menu/PA edit boxes.

73, Graeme ZL2TE
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"Christoph v. Wüllen"

Apr 7, 2024, 5:45:29 AMApr 7
to Mark R, herme...@googlegroups.com
Have you adjusted the "PA calibration values" in the PA menu? For the HL2, they have
to be reduced from the "safe setting" 53dB all the way down to abougt 40.5 dB.

Mark R

Apr 7, 2024, 8:39:18 AMApr 7
to Hermes-Lite
Yes, it was the values in the PA menu.
I left those values at the default and reducing them to 30 worked for me.
It never occured to me to try lower values despite saying that at the bottom of page 75 of the pdf:
Thanks to you all for your help.
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