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Apr 10, 2006, 3:57:42 PM4/10/06
to Complete Herbal
Hello all,
I am a self taught herbalist so to speak. i do not refer to myself and
one but all of my friends and family think of me in this manner. I am
excited to be a part of an Herbal group. I am not too sure if you
folks have any specifci rules regarding sharing of recipes and such but
I have a need for some help with a coworker
I live in Tucson AZ and we have quite a few unfriendly insects and
other creatures that live here.
One of my coworkers was recently bitten by a brown recluse spider.
Right now it has been over a week since this happened and he now looks
like he has a mini volcano growing on his arm. He has seen a doctor
who prescribed anitbiotics, anithistamines and a tetnus shot.
In the past I have given coworkers and family drawing salves for
ingrown infected hairs and splinters but never for something like this>
i have never studied anything in regards to poisons from biting
My recipe for a drawing salve has chickweed and goldenseal as the chief
ingredients. Any thoughts on using this or something else to help this
get better would be greatly appreciated!
My herbal knowledge is mostly with skin care products such as soaps,
lotions and potions. I have been known to make sleep pillows and cough
syrup occationally as well as salves to heal cuts and burns and drawing
salves. I feel this is out of my realm of knowledge and do not want to
tell him something that may escerbate the problem.
thanks in advance,
Scherri O
Creative Herbs


Apr 24, 2006, 5:40:59 AM4/24/06
to Complete Herbal
First of all welcome. I am also a dabbler in herbal salves and potions,
but only for my own and my pets' use. As I say on the web site it is
purely for educational purposes, and not a substitute for medical

Secondly - eek!

I'm with you I'd be very reluctant to give any advice in this matter.
I'd stick with the doctor and maybe visit a qualified herbalist if I
was your friend.

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