[Hx] Helix Utility 8.01 Sometimes Hangs Checking the Free Space- Update

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daniel keganlaw.com

Jul 26, 2021, 11:39:05 PMJul 26
to Helix-L Discussion List
Sunday, early evening Utility after full days input, ok (no detectable problems).
Then added 6 Actor records with some relted relational data.
Utility: 6 bad index report, Utiity hung at end of 3d pass.

Segmented those 6 Actors, and relational links (eg phone, date, picture) into bite-sized
entry, then Utility, narrowed down the indigestion cause.
End result, with same data, just in smaller bites, passed utility.

Supports hypothesis that sometimes too much data causes problems with Utility, or
perhaps when Utility has to fix too many things, or interactive things, it hangs between
Checking record listings and finishing Checking the free space.

Daniel Kegan, Chicago, <dan...@keganlaw.com>

> On Jul 25, 2021, at 12:00 AM, Helix-L Discussion List <Hel...@gibhenry.com> wrote:
> 1) Helix Utility 8.01 Sometimes Hangs Checking the Free Space
> by daniel keganlaw.com
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> A Helix Collection I use daily, and run utilities nightly, sometimes hangs before completing
> “Checking the free space,” after reporting “Checking Record Listings.”
> I’ve run through many tentative hypotheses. . . .
> I’m in the midst of a major digitizing project, can be 8 hours straight Helix adding records.
> Current hypothesis, wondering if some buffer gets overloaded, I try to remember to manually save collection even more frequently. AutoSave set at 21 minutes, Idle delay Wait 1 minute.
> Rather than just saving more frequently, now quitting, save duplicate, and relaunch original,
> about 60-90 minutes. Seemed to help but not eliminate some hangs.
> Generally running single user in RADE on MacBook Pro (Mojave, 10.14.6) or on
> MacBook Air (High Sierra, 10.13.6). Current typical full day work on MacBook Air,
> evening transfer collection to faster MacBook Pro for Utility. Hangs sometimes even
> when all Helix work on MacBook Pro, then Utility, no transfer needed. . . .
> Guesses, Informed Diagnosis?
> Guesses, Informed Therapy—to prevent, to correct fatal collection?
> Exorcist suggestions?
> Thanks. Daniel Kegan, Chicago
> <dan...@keganlaw.com>


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Quipu Pty Ltd

Jul 27, 2021, 12:58:42 AMJul 27
to Helix-L Discussion List
Gil could probably give you some advice about this.

To be perfectly Candide: this is not a Panglossian world.

Lee Rydstrand
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