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Anton as@sommer-equity.de

Aug 4, 2022, 11:41:30 AMAug 4
to Helix-L Discussion List
Hello Experts,

I now enter the latest stage of my life. I want to provide my kids with a reliable way to find old documents.
This is what I plan.
I will have physical documents placed in physical folders. Mirror like these folders shall bear the documents
Electronically as well.
My question is, if I declare „always external“ in Helix, the pathname will be stored. That is, how I want it.
However: Should a NAS-drive needed to be replaced, I must be absolutely sure, the new drive will have exactly
The same path-name.
What would be needed to make sure this is so?

Tony Sommer

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Lenny Eiger eiger@databright.com

Aug 4, 2022, 1:02:08 PMAug 4
to Helix-L Discussion List
I'm not sure about this strategy. However, there is no need for a NAS, in fact, it adds another layer of complexity that doesn't help.

I can get a 14 Terabyte drive for $235 US. Do you have more documents than that?

I can also get two of them for twice that and backup one to the other. I can get a third and place it at a child's house and use Chronosync for off-site back - for $30 - forever...


caretechusa@gmail.com caretechusa@gmail.com

Aug 4, 2022, 1:19:30 PMAug 4
to Helix-L Discussion List
Sure you can do that Lenny but then it has to be tied to some Mac at your child’s home which makes it more complex than running a synology and simply backing up to it.

From people who use this all the time, two Synologies can be made to auto sync and whatever you do in your home office is cloned to the offsite Synology and you can locate this where ever you want.

Just saying.


Gary Cosimini garycosimini@mac.com

Aug 4, 2022, 2:02:23 PMAug 4
to Helix-L Discussion List
I’d second this. My experience with Synology is nothing but positive. I have four 12tb disks yielding 42tb of usable storage. It’s backing up 10 Macs, and hosting a massive image archive.

Pathnames absolutely will not change when you replace a bad drive. It’s managed by the Synology OS software.

When one drive fails, its already been replicated across the other three. Inserting a new drive simply recreates the files as if the drive had never failed.

I have the entire Synology drive back up to Dropbox Business Advanced using one of Synology’s connectors: still testing this out. But auto sync is another strategy worth considering.

I’ve never slept better in my life since buying that thing.


Elton Darby elton.darby@gmail.com

Aug 4, 2022, 3:07:45 PMAug 4
to Helix-L Discussion List
I use Helix for a lot of things; not document storage. To accomplish the goals outlined by the OP; why not simply use DropBox; it is seamless to any OS, trivial to setup, searching for documents or contents within documents or any other file attribute via the OS's multiple-criteria spotlight pre-indexed capabilities are trivial/fast/powerful, top-tier encryption, nil admin/management issues to consider, a myriad of ways to access, share and distribute files & folders, easy to maintain control, etc., offers file restore & versioning, unlimited storage available from anywhere on any device, etc., and a myriad of other features, if needed. It's not proper for every storage related task, yet unless I'm missing something, it's a good fit in this case.


Best; Elton

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Gib Henry Gib@GibHenry.com

Aug 4, 2022, 4:56:58 PMAug 4
to Helix-L Discussion List

You’re not alone in having to face that “stage”!  A really worthwhile and thought-provoking book on the subject of a “digital will” (though not Helix-specific) is Joe Kissel’s book Take Control of Your Digital Legacy from TidBITS Publishing Inc.   Cheers,


Gary Cosimini garycosimini@mac.com

Aug 4, 2022, 5:30:33 PMAug 4
to Helix-L Discussion List

My latest stage is moving all my credentials to 1Password (with a second admin), and exporting my Helix database to a cloud-based application running MySQL that roughly parallels what I developed in Helix and maintained for about 35 years. Millions, probably, of young developers know how to work on MySQL, and web interfaces provide access to the data contained therein. No Clients, no OS limited servers. Gone.

I’ll love Helix forever, and will keep it running on a Mojave/Intel Mac for the rest of my life to do things I want to do personally, but Helix is not going to be a viable business solution going forward.

It was a great ride, though.
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