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Sep 9, 2021, 11:13:55 AMSep 9
to Helix-L Discussion List
Helix 7.0.4

1 I have a post that transfers data from records in one collection to create new records in a second relation. Occasionally an incomplete second, duplicate, record is created. There seems to be no consistency or difference between posts which are entered twice and those which have correct single record entry. Unfortunately, the duplicates have by UK Revenue law to stay in the destination relation and cannot be deleted. I usually add DUPLICATE ENTRY to a text field when I have identified the duplicate but cannot work out how to search for records which DO NOT contain that text string. It must be easy….but not obvious

2 Why is this happening? There are some similarities between the kind of records that get duplicated but nothing consistent that identify an error or discrepancy in either the source record or the post

Any help gratefully received



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Lenny Eiger

Sep 9, 2021, 3:25:21 PMSep 9
to Helix-L Discussion List

What is the link between these relations (in the post, target and source)? Is the target indexed?

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