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Fred Stephenson

May 25, 2021, 9:14:42 AMMay 25
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Hi all, just some blurb if anyone's interested. Enjoy your day.


Analyses your collection

HeliConSQL will check your collection (via apple events) and list all Relations and non inert fields, as well as abaci.

Proposes SQL Tables and fields

It will Propose new table names corresponding to the Relation names, replacing characters that are not accepted by MySQL (see below for character replacement). Relations without fields are not taken into account.

It will propose the non inert fields for each table corresponding to the Relation's fields and abaci, replacing characters that are not accepted by MySQL. These character replacements can be set in the HeliConSQL settings.

Enables modification of proposal and constraints creation

Once HeliConSQL has established the basic Tables and fields HeliConSQL allows you to rename fields and create constraints, convert an extremely limited number of abaci into generated fields as well as manually create other generated fields (akin to abaci).

Creates MySQL database based on results

Once you're satisfied with the schema for your MySQL database HeliConSQL will create the tables and field at a click of a button.

All that remains to be done is to import the data in Helix to your MySQL database

You can create your MySQL connection settings  In HeliConSQL. Currently it doesn't use SSH!

Creates export views in Helix

In order to export you need  Export views.  HeliConSQL does that for you, in all relations, with a simple button click.

Exports data from your Helix relations into MySQL database  tables

HeliConSQL can now import all your Helix data into your newly created MySQL database... Depending on the amount of data ,you can go for a long coffee break, have lunch or even a siesta....

HeliConSQL will be available soon.... once it's been tidied up ;)

Elton Darby

May 26, 2021, 11:14:50 AMMay 26
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Wow; slick!  Would love to beta-test ;)  Elton

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May 26, 2021, 2:06:30 PMMay 26
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Hey Gib and Group:

My CORRECT email is now ltk...@maui.net


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