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Apr 27, 2021, 8:24:21 PMApr 27
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Getting to know OSX 11 on my M1 13" Laptop. To followup:

1) Update to 11.2.2 now 11.2.3 shows improved menu speed for previous
slowness, however... The menus do still hesitate slightly in comparison
to MCP 2009 OSX 10.8.5 and it annoys me, but other processes feel
snappy. Downloads from web page are faster once they get going.
2) Keyboard is great, best I have ever used (ugh windows machines in the
hospital) and type almost twice as fast it feels like. I am convinced
some of the mistypes on 2009 were OSX related or keyboard pressure as
battery expanded. But, when annotating a pdf file in Acrobat on the 2009
it just feels more usable and easier on the eyes reading text. I am
suspecting it is because of a very slight system hesitancy before the
3) Screen is harsh - (too) bright, great color depth, but text is grey
rather than black on the Retina display. There is no contrast control,
only brightness. Does allow 10+ hours of battery time I guess which is
4) Still haven't moved over my contact manager. NOW on 10.8 is just so
usable. Only reason I moved to the M1 is internet browsing. Will not run
Intel software, really only apps that have been rewritten for the ARM -
so I suspect there is a graphical interface on top of an IPAD OS -
additional layer of inefficiency and incompatibility especially with the
Windows Servers. I am using DB Meditech at a Hospital this weekend -
pulldown menus not working thru Citric Server access after eactivated
Microsoft Card Swipe service (EasyPass?). I refuse to use Outlook on
Microsoft Cloud, Google Docs on Google Cloud, etc... Maybe might as well
buy an IPAD and bite the bullet dump desktop applications. I am still
running the Contact on 2009 machine cannot live without it's functionality.
5) Thunderbird allows me to access gmail, but... it server at times is
complaining and refusing to get emails. I host emails on my Godaddy
sites- but OSX11 does not include SSL so was not able to use Apple Mail
program. World has moved to HTML5 and TLS? Apple appears to still hate
6) For some reason, I have lost layout options in Thunderbird email
replacemen this week. Used ClamAV looks like a trojan program named
silver sparrow got onto the machine and says it removed, but I have not
once had a trojan horse installed on my 2009. Mozilla has dumped it and
as an orphan open source it as others (like PERL) are not being updated
and open source is being pummeled in the face of Tech Giant competing
and incompatibility. There are fix suggestions, but has become a
commonplace need to spend a day or two on each glitch. Very disturbing.

Tim B.


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