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Wolfgang S. Kechel

Jun 13, 2013, 2:31:50 AM6/13/13
to he...@googlegroups.com
I am forwarding this one since I do not have access to any Android device to I am unfortunately unable to provide any help for this case. Can please somebody who implemented the access to the location interface have a look at this?

Best regards
Wolfgang Kechel

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Subject: Please, hecl me with hecl
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2013 19:33:24 +0300
From: <Eduard_...@mail.ru>
To: <wolfgan...@data2c.com>

Wolfgang, hello !
 I promised more of you not to disturb, but my efforts do not bring results.
 For tests I use hecl through connection with a server through telnet on port 7405.
 Here that for me was learned:  
 hecl> set context [activity]
 hecl> java android.location.LocationManager lm
 hecl> set ls [$context getsystemservice LOCATION_SERVICE]
 hecl> $ls getallproviders
 passive gps network
 hecl> $ls getlastknownlocation gps
 I got it the last known location.
 But, for the receipt of the real location, it is necessary to use the method of requestlocationupdates,
 which requires Locationlistener.
 to define Locationlistener does not turn out.
 hecl> java android.location.LocationListener ll
 hecl> ll -constructors
 returned empty value
 How to use Location on android is described here:
 Please, help me.

Good luck.
With respect, Eduard.
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