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HeatSync Labs is a 501(c)3 nonprofit hackerspace in Mesa, Arizona dedicated to helping you get access to the tools and skills you need to make awesome stuff. Remember we have no staff; we're made up entirely of volunteers including you!

Many questions about our space and tools have already been answered on our wiki. If we missed something there, feel free to ask here! Note that your first post will be moderated, and may take a few hours to appear here.

This is a place for discussing making and hacking of all sorts of awesome projects. Its also the place where HeatSync Labs members who've paid their dues in money, blood, sweat or tears discuss the present and future of the space they love. We don't hide the sausage making. If conflict makes you uncomfortable please don't comment on those topics.

Remember though, this isn't the internet, it is an extension of a real place. Be careful how you treat each other here. You need to be able to civilly face each other tomorrow or the next day.

Lastly, don't tell people to not make things. You can think their idea is stupid, and wrong, and misguided, and you might even find a kind way to say that, but its their idea, their passion, and their time. As long as its not illegal or going to hurt anyone else at the lab DO NOT DISCOURAGE PEOPLE FROM MAKING -- it is the reason we are here.