Cleburne Brevetfest, April 29-30

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Pam Wright

Apr 17, 2023, 4:00:01 PM4/17/23
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Hi all,

Latest info... waivers are coming in so get your checkmark!   As in the past, please sign, then EMAIL the pdf to Dan and me.  Please don't reply all to send waivers and please don't send photos.    Please also bring your original waiver to the ride start or hand to Dan or me at any ride before 4/29.   No waiver... no ride.

Right now, Super 8 rooms are going for $64-72/night, which is still a good price AND at the ride start!  I use because they make it easy for me to cancel, change, etc, but this looks to be the going rate on all sites.  I'd encourage you to get booked even if you're a maybe.

All rides are ACP except the Sunday RUSA 236k.  Keep the RSVPs coming and I'll plan another update next week, so please feel free to email me any feedback or questions :)

RSVPS - Not final until waiver(s) received, noted by "√"

Dinner Fri 6pm- address below
  • Dan Driscoll
  • Pam Wright
  • Gary Gottlieb
  • Dana Pacino
  • Chris Michels
  • Mike Misner
  • Ingrid Hillhouse - Hawaii!
  • Ingrid's Mom Ramona Wofford - Arlington
  • Larry and "Mrs" Dyer - TBD
  • Sue Shields
√ Sue Shields
√ Gary Gottlieb
√ Dana Pacino
√ Sharon Stevens
√ Debbie Breaud
√ David Hall
√ Larry Dyer

√ Debbie Williams-McDougall
√ Jim McDougall
√ Sharon Stevens
√ Joe Landry

400k - Note new GPS below
√ Ingrid Hillhouse - Hawaii!

√ Dan
√ Pam
√ Becky Reilly
√ Mike Misner
√ John Hsu
√ Joe Landry
√ Chris Michels
√ Paul Vlasveld
√ Mark Wooldridge
√ Wally Bigler
Peter Rajcani
Raphael Bernardo

236k Sunday
√ Gary Gottlieb
√ Dana Pacino
√ Sharon Stevens
√ Sue Shields

Road Construction - Checking TXDOT and found 2 identified spaces, but... I rode down from Blooming Grove 2 weeks ago and that nasty big & rough gravel Joe and I rode through, only a mile is showing up on TXDOT and it was more like 2-3 miles, so no promises about gravel :-(. 

Showing on TXDOT & remember this is out AND back on your ride:
1. All routes, miles 14-16:  Road to one lane until end of the year.
2. All routes, miles 19-21.5:  Road to one lane until end of summer
3. 600k, Day2, miles 54-58:  Nasty rough gravel.  I rode down it 2 weeks ago.  Might be better going up but I'm looking for a detour that doesn't add a lot of miles.  I'll also call the school near the gravel next week to check again.


  • Start Info:  Nolan River Mall, Cleburne, TX
    • Park:  Parking lot NW corner near Exxon:  115 S. Nolan River Rd
    • Services:  Circle K (24hr) and Exxon (5a-10p) are at this intersection 
    • Cue Sheet:  Please print your own cue sheet.  I do not plan to bring any printed cues unless you let me know by Thursday morning that you need a printed version.
    • Start:  Group start at 7am.
    • Night Gear:  Required for 300, 400 & 600k.  Sun is 6:45a - 8:09p (13+hrs!)
    • Dinner Friday night 6pm:   Pastafina's of Cleburne · 1670 W Henderson St, Cleburne, TX 76033 
  • Routes:  All routes are out&back, so they stay together until each one turns around, then the 600k goes out for their 2nd loop.  As of today, TXDOT shows the biggest construction area is about mile 14-16 and 19-21.5 for all routes showing one-lane traffic.  
  1. ACP 200k (13.5hr time limit, actually 206k):   #00003 - Cleburne - Goat Neck Perm - Out & Back to Bluff Dale 
    1. ACP 300k (20hr time limit, actually 308k):  Goat Neck 300 - Out & Back to Info Control.  This will be a revised, reduced route, so heads-up on the cue sheet and sign control.  If you go to the highway, you get bonus miles.  If you shortcut, you won't be official.  The new  turnaround is an info control at mile 93.3.  Still tweaking the cue sheet, so will send with any update 
    1. ACP 400k (27hr time limit): Goatneck 400k- Godley Finish Out & Back to Palo PintoWith 600 k'ers.  Upon return to Nolan River, you will continue 12miles to Godley info control, then return.  One cool thing is you can stop at your vehicle (or hotel) to refuel or change clothing options.  FYI, I think the roughest road surface may have been this last loop on FM4.  GPS UPDATED 4.2.23 - DOWNLOAD NEW ROUTE TO INCLUDE ADDED CONTROL INFORMATION.
    1. ACP 600k (40hr time limit):  D2 may change due to construction...TBD

·   Day 1: D1 Cleburne Clobber - Out & Back to Palo Pinto  

·   Day 2: D2 Cleburne Clobber - new ESE-bound lollipop route

           5.      Sunday:  236km RUSA Brevet or Perm#4047 - Let me know if you're interested riding Day 2 with tired 600k'ers :)  Same GPS as D2 above


  • WAIVERS:  Attached are files for the RUSA waiver.  Unless otherwise arranged, I will not have copies at the ride start.  Sign, date, scan, and email the waiver to Dan ( and me by Thursday 4/27.  Send them all if you don't know which ride yet.  You will decide before you start.
  • CUE SHEETS:  TBD.   Unless otherwise arranged, I will not have copies at the ride start. 
  • PROOF OF PASSAGE:  After you finish, please text your finish time and RUSA # to Dan 817.925.0158 . YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR SUBMITTING YOUR FINISH INFO TO DAN.    Please also provide your proof of passage: GPS file, time-stamped selfies at each control and/or store receipts to Dan within 24 hrs of your finish. 
  • Hotels:  Super 8 is at the ride start and now offering $52+taxes.  This has smoking rooms, so if that's important to you, make sure you request a non smoking room.  It's the closest motel to the start and there are 24-hr stores right there on the corner, plus a Sonic and all kinds of fast food within driving distance.  All have microwave/refrig in rooms.  Don't get your hopes us for breakfast at the cheap ones...plan your own breakfast and overnight food )

  1. Super 8 by Wyndham Cleburne | 1707 W. Henderson St.
  2. Motel 6 | Cleburne TX | 1720 W. Henderson
  3. Holiday Inn Express & Suites Cleburne | 1800 W. Henderson
  4. Hampton Inn and Suites Hotel in Cleburne | 1996 W. Henderson

Randonneuring inherently involves various hazards, and riders assume all risks associated with the activity.  Hazards include, but are not limited to, motor vehicles; other cyclists; loose dogs, livestock or wild animals; road flaws including cracks, potholes, ridges, gratings, rumble strips, sand or gravel; lightning, heat, cold, ice, or other hazardous weather; mechanical failures; fatigue; medical conditions; assault.  All routes are on public roads or paths, and neither the route nor any flaws in the road surface are marked.  All routes are unsupported.  Riders will be required to sign and submit the attached waiver prior to riding.  Please read it, as you are signing away some rights and are responsible for knowing what you sign.

Pre-Ride Announcements

  • All Routes - Dogs Mile 18.3 - a new pack of dogs is across from the New Hope Baptist Church (our old Texas Time Trials home base).  They are younger and a couple just as determined as the old pack.  Larry Dyer confirms they are still very active AND attentive!  Please be aware for your outbound AND return!
  • 600k Cue Sheets - 2 versions are attached.  Horizontal pages start D2 at zero to sync with the RWGPS file and the vertical pages continue the mileage from D1.
  • 600k D2 - Stephen created this new route and shared the following:
    • You ride east into the sunrise, then ride west into the sunset.  So consider a visor on the helmet and a blinkie or two in the daytime.
    • Stores are somewhat limited.  Maypearl grocery store, Avalon, Blooming Grove and the turn-around on the outbound, and Avalon and Maypearl only on the return.  In Maypearl, you can use the grocery store or go off-course to the convenience store or Dollar General.  The Avalon store used to be a store/cafe, appeared to be open yesterday, but I'm not sure if it's still a full store or just cafe or what.  Turn-around store is a fairly typical convenience store, but nothing special either, so no high hopes for cuisine.  Blooming Grove has a donut shop, Family Dollar, and convenience store, with the convenience store being slightly off-route.
    • The only timed control on Day 2 is the turn-around, and that may be changed at some point.  But beware that this is not an especially fast course, so don't cut yourself too short on time.
    • The route is mostly low-traffic county roads.  There are two very short sections with gravel on the road, otherwise all paved, but that's not the same as "smooth", either, so you just take it for what it is.  Five wooden bridges with grating, that you hit both ways, and all five were in fairly decent shape when we rode it.
    • Coming back into Cleburne, you have a narrow but rideable shoulder for a bit, then the shoulder ends at Washington Street.  We had a parade behind us coming through that section on a Saturday afternoon, then no traffic to speak of going back out just few minutes later.  That is the only spot I'd expect any trafficky issues, though.
    • Mile 38.3, intersection at 5 points (please look at map if not using GPS).  You hit three intersections all right together, which makes it confusing to describe on cue sheet.  That's also one of the gravel areas.
    • Mile 23.56, it looks like the main road veers right, but you go straight.  And I think that's the other gravel area.


Pam Wright

Pam Wright

Waiver Goatneck 206.pdf
Waiver Goatneck 308.pdf
Waiver Goatneck 400 Godley Ending.pdf
Waiver Goat Neck Clobber 600k.pdf
Waiver Cleburne Clobber 236k.pdf
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