Oct 7 Brevet-fest, Italy TX

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Pam Wright

Sep 12, 2023, 7:51:47 PM9/12/23
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Hi all,

If you're trying to wrap up a RUSA Cup, here's 1 of the last 2 1000k's on the RUSA calendar for 2023...hope you'll join us for ride choices for all "K's!"  LSR is easy and info is all below... be a LSR member, sign and email us your waiver, make your hotel reservations and show up with a bad joke or two :)   Feel free to send in completed waivers for multiple distances.  We know plans and bodies can change at the last minute.  Let Dan or me know any questions.

We may wind up with a small group for dinner Friday night at Denny's next door... you are NOT in high society in "Itlee" TX, but let me know if you're interested :-)

SIGN UP:           Sign Up / Interested Riders List (also has tab for 1000k synopsis of controls)


  • Start:  7:25am. *. Italy TigerMart (behind Denny's), 101 LR Campbell Rd., Italy, TX 7:30am  (Store continues to have restrooms closed to 1 stall each so please plan your time accordingly)

  • Park:  Behind Denny's 

  • Night Gear:  Required for everything over 211k and with days getting shorter, I hope 200k'ers will take night gear as well.   Sun up:  7:25am-7:06pm

  • Services:  TigerMart (24hr), Denny's (7a-11p, 24hr Th,F,S), Golden Chick.
    • Across street:  Subway, Taco Bell, Rice Express
    • Across Hwy:  Loves (24hr), 
    • Shell (24hr), McD's, Jack in the Box, Sonic

  • Hotel:  Italy Inn 101 LR Campbell Rd, Italy 76651.  972.483.7507. (the ride start)
    • This place is "rough" - I bring eye mask/ear plugs for truck stop noises/lights
    • Rooms with micro/refrig cost $10 more/night - verify yours with hotel!
    • Hotel guests get free coffee & sodas from the fountain machine - no breakfast included
    • I used hotels.com to book so I'd have something in writing.  Pricing was the same as calling.



  • Membership:  Membership is required for LSR and RUSA:  RUSA Membership and LSR Membership
    • LSR membership honored for 2024 as well  
    • Please verify you used “friends & family” to paypal LSR dues to dandri...@me.com

  • Waivers:  Please email signed waivers for as many rides as you are considering, so you can decide the night before without scrambling to send signed waivers.   And please bring the signed, hard copy to the ride for Dan.

  • Hotel:  Please get your reservation.  There's not that many rooms and you can always cancel it.

  • GPS:  Each day has it’s own route and starts with zero (Verify your routes are 217.8, 205.5 and 204.5 miles for 1000k days). Links below.

  • Cue Sheets:  Please print your own cue sheet.  I do not plan to bring any printed cues unless you let me know by Thursday morning that you need a printed version.   Each day has it’s own tab and starts with zero.  Please print a cue sheet if only to prep yourself for intermediate stores!  

  • Proof of passage:  For official selfies at controls, download a time-stamped photo app 



  • A bridge is still showing out SE of Mexia through September.  Due to the distance to drive it, 1000k will continue using the detour route until the bridge can be verified.  It was originally planned to finish in January 2023, so if we get lucky and find it's good, I'll get the original route information out.
  • Proof of Passage:  Proof of passage will be by EPP, store receipts and/or time-stamped photos from each control.  YOU are responsible for getting the following to Dan immediately after your finish.


·      200k ACP:  La Bella Rani Duecento 211

·      300k ACP:  La Bella Rani Trecento 308

·      355k RUSA: La Bella Pammie Trecento Piu

·      400k ACP:  Mexia Breveta 400ka

    • 27hr limit,  248.5 miles – Same route as 600k Day 1 + 28 miles at the end
    • Mile 53:  Splits from 1000k
    • Mile 221.9:  Adds 28 miles to the end to an info control to make the distance
    • Gravel shown on RWGPS north of Jewett IS PAVED
    • https://ridewithgps.com/routes/41117009 

·      600k ACP: La Bella Rani Seicento 600

·      1000k ACP:  Mexia Breveta 1000ka


OCTOBER 9 Permanent Available

  1. 329k RUSA Brevet: #02185 - Buffalo Bazanza. (21:56Hr limit)  Rides with D3 of 1000k
  2. Must be a member of the RUSA Permanent program and sign up for #2185


Please note:

Randonneuring inherently involves various hazards, and riders assume all risks associated with the activity.  Hazards include, but are not limited to, motor vehicles; other cyclists; loose dogs, livestock or wild animals; road flaws including cracks, potholes, ridges, gratings, rumble strips, sand or gravel; lightning, heat, cold, ice, or other hazardous weather; mechanical failures; fatigue; medical conditions; assault.  All routes are on public roads or paths, and neither the route nor any flaws in the road surface are marked.  All routes are unsupported.  Riders will be required to sign and submit the attached waiver prior to riding.  Please read it, as you are signing away some rights and are responsible for knowing what you sign.


Ciao for now and please let me know any questions asap.  Can't wait to see ya!


Pam Wright
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