Getting back on the exercise wheel

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Donna Smith

Jul 12, 2019, 9:07:44 AM7/12/19
to health-scape
Hi all. So as the subject line suggests, I'm biting the bullet and
starting back up with exercise as a routine. I have all of the usual
motivators spurring me on such as my pants are getting too tight, I
nearly die if I have to walk up a steep sidewalk, I'm worried about
quality of life as I age, you get the picture, but there was a
specific trigger that pushed me off the mark as well. I was walking
with a colleague the other day coming back to the office from a
meeting and tripped and fell on my hands and knees in the street. Now
this in and of itself was not the motivator. What got my attention
like a charging bear was that it took me too long to get back up and
when I did obtain a mostly verticle position, my legs were shaking and
I literally had to step out of the street and stand there a minute
before I felt like I could keep walking. The pain was intense and it
took a few days for my knees and ankles to recover somewhat, but it
was the near inability to keep moving that got my attention.

So I have made contact with a personal trainer who works out of the
gym at the Sound Transit campus and am arranging to meet with him next
week to see if we will be a good fit to work together. His prices are
reasonable, actually no more than I paid for a personal trainer ten
years ago in D.C., and I have both the gym at work and one here in my
apartment complex that I can use at nearly no cost. Well, the
apartment gym is at no cost and the work gym is only $15 a month as
part of our wellness program.

So look out Olympic athletes! (Do they have Olympics for seniors? Oh
well, never mind. I'll strive for a bar that is a little lower like
feeling a little better physically. <smile>


Jul 12, 2019, 10:52:13 AM7/12/19
Good luck, Donna!

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Lisa Salinger

Jul 12, 2019, 1:23:59 PM7/12/19
Good luck with this, Donna.

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Amber Wallenstein

Jul 12, 2019, 3:21:48 PM7/12/19
I wish you the best of luck, Donna.
I have also began an exercise routine.
For about the last three weeks, minus a day or two here and there, I have done the exercise bike for about 15 minutes a day. I hope to go up in intensity and minutes, but I am taking it day by day.
I never thought I would be a person who liked exercise, but I am starting to see the appeal.
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