How's everyone doing?

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Amber Wallenstein

Oct 28, 2018, 1:58:43 PM10/28/18
I missed this group, so thanks to Matthew for giving me the information for this group.
My health journey has been a balancing act, but the good is outweighing the bad… At least in the clothing department. I have gone down four sizes in the last year.
I don’t go with weighing myself, just how I feel.
things I have been pretty good at:
1 I gave up soda a few years ago. I let myself have one soda a week if I want it, but I usually don’t. Sometimes I miss the carbonation, but not usually. If I need a caffeine fix in the afternoon I’ll just grab a cup of tea.
2. I drink a lot more water than I used to. If I don’t drink enough water, I feel it for sure.
3. I have cut my eating out and ordering in habit a lot. that used to be my fall back option if I didn’t have a dinner plan. Now I try my hardest to come up with an in-house option, whether it be having a meal plan, having the stuff to make something quick like a baked potato or a salad or whatever as options or having a quick back up in my pantry. The crock pot is super helpful here too. I like knowing what is going into my stuff even if I’m not making the healthiest stuff, Hello buffalo chicken dip in my crock pot right now. At least I know what is in it and can control the ingredients.
things I want to work on:
1. Incorporating more veggies into my diet. I’ve gotten better at this, but I need to improve. I like raw veggies but not the prep to get them ready.
2. finding exercise I like. I take walks but find them boring. I take the stairs, instead of the elevator most of the time now, but I still get pretty winded after four floors or so, and when I get to the sixth floor I’m shot. Going down is easy, going up is hard. lol
3. I want to get better at enjoying my food. this is hard for me because I’m usually reading or walking around while I’m eating. It requires me to unplug, sit there and actually taste my food.
4. trying new things in the cooking department. I’m getting a little better at this but there is room for improvement here.
How is everyone else doing?

Oct 28, 2018, 3:31:49 PM10/28/18
Hi, Amber,
Congrats on going down four sizes.
I need to cut back on sodas and drink more water. I find I drink more water when I put fruit in the bottle or jar. I like lemons and strawberries, though I haven't mixed them yet. It's hard for me to not drink sweet things which is one of the reasons I like soda so much.
We also cut back on ordering in.
I wish healthier food tasted better.
I barely exercise.
I'm taking four graduate courses and working full time. The more I say this, the more I realize it's an excuse. I read something on Nerd Fitness the other day that said it's easier to change your behavior when the new thing is in line with your identity and not just a habit you want to start. For example, I could say "I want to exercise more." Or, I could say, "I am a healthier person and a healthy person would exercise." This second method seems more likely to work with me. It means I work on becoming a better person, not just adding a new habit to my life.

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Donna Smith

Oct 28, 2018, 6:36:51 PM10/28/18
Hi all! What a nice revival! I feel like I've been under a rock and
can only crawl out on the weekend and only if I still have the energy.

Amber, that is really quite a lot of progress you have made!
Congratulations! I think you are supposed to be winded after 6 floors
of stairs. I'm winded just thinking about it! <smile>

I'm kind of in a holding pattern these days. I am more active out of
necessity for my job and there is a lot of new job/new move stress
still going on. I seem to have lost a size in pants, but everything
else is the same. Of course, my hips have the most to lose, too. I'm
not complaining.

Meal portions are good and content isn't bad. It's still harder than
it should be to find and make healthy food. We now live directly over
a Safe Way Supermarket, so getting fresh food is no problem.

I still snack too much. Stress both takes away my apetite and makes me
want to munch. I'm working on that part of it.

Good to hear from all of you and I hope more people will chime in.


Amber Wallenstein

Oct 28, 2018, 7:16:39 PM10/28/18
I find that online grocery ordering has made it easier for me to make healthy food choices. I don’t have as much temptation for junk food from home. I plan meals, put together a list, and do OK usually. It’s really expensive for delivery though, so I supplement it with going to my local store every week or so. The produce at the local store isn’t as good though, so I have to be wary of that.

Lisa Salinger

Oct 28, 2018, 9:52:22 PM10/28/18
Hi Amber,
This all sounds great. Congratulations on going down those sizes. I have recently started taking my weight and health more seriously, and am seeing results. I'm down at least one pants size, and maybe two. I'm not perfect, but I'm slowly getting there. Two of the main things I've done are to give up soda, which has been really hard, and to increase my protein. I find that when I eat enough, I have fewer cravings and blood sugar dips. I've found some new and interesting foods in the past few months, and will share in another message.

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